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236 - Chris Guerriero: How to Build a Winning Leadership Team to Scale Your Company

Healthpreneur Podcast

Release Date: 04/12/2019

Welcome back to the Healthpreneur podcast! Today, I’m very excited to introduce you to our special guest. Chris Guerriero has built four 8-figure companies and is an advisor, investor, and equity-holder in a variety of companies.

Chris has been featured on major media outlets, is a bestselling author, and hosts the Built to Grow show. After companies get funded, Chris goes in and examines their systems, people, processes and culture to then restructure them for the growth he wants to see.

And he gets it. Tune in to learn what Chris looks for when searching for investing, advising or equity-holding opportunities, and find out how he builds leadership teams, prioritizes time, and maximizes the efficiency of an entire organization.

In this episode, Chris and I discuss:

  • Something people don’t know about him.
  • Parenting and entrepreneurship.
  • How he helps companies grow and the Club 28.
  • Prioritizing time and maximizing efficiency.
  • When and how to build out a leadership team.
  • When he thinks about acquisition.

1:30 – 08:30 - Introducing Chris, his motivators, and his journey

08:30 – 16:00 - What Chris looks for as an investor, advisor, or equity-holder

16:00 – 21:30 - How to structure a process org chart

21:30 – 28:00 - Leadership teams and when a COO or CFO comes on board

28:00 – 36:30 - Not attracting, filtering, and onboarding properly

36:30 – 44:30 - Delegating tasks daily and team management

44:30 – 47:00 - What to know on day one and his growth model

47:00 – 50:30 - The Rapid Five