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"Sean Douglas"

Hellbound with Halos

Release Date: 07/28/2020

Truth Series - Truth Series - "Flat Earth Dave"

Hellbound with Halos

Flat Earth Dave joins Hellbound with Halos with our expert "Shred" for what turns into a very hot and interesting conversation about whether the earth is indeed round, or flat. David Weiss is the co-host of The Flat Earth Podcast and the creator of the DITRH Youtube channel. After years of refusing to listen to flat earth theories, Dave first got into the space when he tried to prove the earth was round, only to realize he couldn’t.

"April Davis"

Hellbound with Halos

April is the Founder & CEO of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking. She has a Masters In Business Management and has been a Life and Dating coach for more than 10 years. In 2010, April founded LUMA, a privately-held matchmaking service matching clients in 40+ states across the U.S. With more than 25,000 elite members seeking committed relationships, the firm has the largest database of high-caliber singles. April has been featured in Forbes, CBS, Fox News, and BRAVO’S hit TV show, The Real Housewives of Orange County.

"Wendi Friesen"

Hellbound with Halos

Wendi is a worldwide leader in creating rapid change for life's difficult problems. Since 1994 her website at Wendi.com has influenced the lives of millions worldwide and brought insight, wisdom and spiritual growth to people in need. As a flat broke single mother of two, with no resources, money, help or partners, she created a transformation business for devoted followers who seek real change.

"Truth Series Update w/Shred"

Hellbound with Halos

Well, we heard from Shred about a week ago, explaining how he felt that POTUS Trump would remain in the White House. As of January 20th, that didn't happen. He's a citizen. But why are they still trying to impeach him?? The stories run so deep, they must be afraid of him for SOME reason. Then there is the whole Q-Anon theories. Some came true, some didn't come to fruition. Do you still believe in Q? Is there more to this story as well? Is the mission or "plan" still happening that we just don't know about?

"Truth Series Part XVI" with Guest Karyn Turk

Hellbound with Halos

What a time we are in. Will Trump be our President again? According to Shred, he will be. Karyn Turk also joined us in the episode to give some of her opinions on what's going on, as well as, the Capitol "riot". Which, wasn't a riot... or "insurgence"... but whatever, according to these two, some people may be going down. Karyn is an activist, outspoken journalist, & political personality, well known for her regular appearances as a television commentator & for her online series “Behind The Headlines”.

"Lindsey Elmore"

Hellbound with Halos

Lindsay was raised by a nurse, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, a Doctorate of Pharmacy, and completed two years of post-doctoral education in internal medicine and family medicine. Lindsay went on to become a pharmacist highly studied in herbs, supplements, food as medicine, and also went in search of shamans, healers, and any natural health practice she could find. To date, she has spoken to audiences on five continents in more than 30 countries.

"Kalista Kassidy"

Hellbound with Halos

Kalista Kassidy is an eighteen year old model, actress, dancer & social media influencer based in New York. She developed an interest in modeling at a very young age and has been working towards her goals ever since. Kalista is a petite model which isn’t very common in the modeling industry and not what most agencies look for, but she believes that all body types are beautiful no matter what shape or size. She hopes that she can change people’s perspective on everyone having to look a certain way.

"Jillian Janson"

Hellbound with Halos

Jillian began webcam modeling at 18 while still in high school. Within days of posing nude online, Jillian flew to Los Angeles to make adult films, and explore her budding sexuality, love of nudity, and her desire for self-expression. She has worked with every major studio, including Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Girlfriend Films, and Digital Playground. Jillian has graced the pages of magazines like Penthouse, Hustler and Club International.

"Oz Tozan"

Hellbound with Halos

Oz Tozan seems like a run of the mill dude. However, he is anything BUT run of the mill. Oz's life has lead him on quite the journey. From being homeless in California, to being signed by one of LA's top modeling agencies. That party life caught up fast though. After only 2 years in California, he came back to Rochester, NY. It's here that he found himself again. In being a promoter, he's not only found his passion, he's found a way to support his son through life.

Do You Love The Holidays? show art Do You Love The Holidays?

Hellbound with Halos

Never thought I'd have to run a rerun, BUT for those of you that haven't listened back this far, it's a great episode! I'm not a holiday fan at all... I enjoy the days themselves, but all the bullsh*t that surrounds them, really wretches my bones. I hate the commercialization of it. The damn jewelry stores that make every wife, girlfriend or side piece want something. I think we're all together when we say bring on 2021. We're all hoping for a better year, with less covid, less election BS, and more America

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Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer & Suicide Awareness Trainer, Business Positioning Strategist, International Radio Show Host of Life Transformation Radio, and Author.  His WHY is he's a suicide survivor who hit rock bottom with no purpose or passion. He believes that you were created for a purpose, and once you unlock your true potential, you will elevate your life, which is why he founded The Success Corps. In a highly interactive and engaging environment, utilizing online mentoring sessions and face to face workshops, Sean works with Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Business Owners to improve their Positioning in the Market which increases Profitability while decreasing their anxiety and stress so their business thrives.  Sean equips them with the tools necessary to live EPIC lives, and leaves them better equipped to manage change effectively.

Considered an “Icon of Influence in the New Media Space”, Sean hosts the popular live online radio show, Life Transformation Radio, heard in over 74 countries with thousands of weekly listeners.  He is also the Founder of LYB Clothing Inc., an Affirmation & Empowerment Clothing Line.

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TEDx talk video: https://youtu.be/CKudfG39Vs4

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YouTube Life Transformation Radio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx7i5F_Q8pr8mD4pF1O3oeA

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