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Episode 58: A Biogeochemist & Founder of Queers in STEM

Her Stem Story

Release Date: 06/08/2019

Please use the link below to learn how you can become more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community in every aspect of your life. 



Pride Month is celebrated in the month of June around the world. It's rooted in the US and it is organized to mark the achievements of LGBTQ community. You can read more about it at the Library of Congress website.

To celebrate Pride Month, we decided to celebrate the stories of LGBT people in STEM fields. Our guest today is a pioneer in advocating for Queers in STEM.  With his organization Queers in STEM, Robert Ulrich is demanding for a more inclusive stem community. Rob is currently pursuing his PhD in biology or chemistry at UCLA and is also a writing consultant. His story is filled with challenges and how he overcame them from growing up in a Catholic town in Virginia to creating his own organization to support LGBT community in LA.