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Episode 47: Curing Cancer With Nanotechnology

Her Stem Story

Release Date: 03/27/2019

Our guest today is working really hard to cure cancer with Nanotechnology. Joy Wolfram is the Lead at Mayo Clinic's Nanomedicine and Extracellular Vesicles Lab. Joy has a B.S. in biology, University of Helsinki, Finland; M.S. in biology, University of Helsinki, Finland; PhD in nanoscience and technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. She was also an Amgen Scholar & has gone to author over 40 publications and received more than 25 scientific awards from seven different countries, including being listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 in healthcare. In this episode, we discuss Joy's work, her outreach work & her very interesting experience with Amgen Scholars Program. 





Lab Page: https://www.mayo.edu/research/labs/nanomedicine-extracellular-vesicles

TedX Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uylg8j2-Qr4



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