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Mesa Water: In The Drink

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

Release Date: 03/22/2019

Jason Holland: Segerstrom Center for the Arts show art Jason Holland: Segerstrom Center for the Arts

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this first episode of a brand-new season of the podcast, we dive into the world of performing arts - here in the City of the Arts - with Jason Holland, VP of Community Engagement at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Learn all about the upcoming theater season and more FREE, local events you can enjoy on the Argyros Plaza, here in Costa Mesa. Listen in, then check out all the fun stuff happening over at SCFTA this Fall! Connect with Segerstrom Center for the Arts: Online: https://www.scfta.org/ Instagram: @segerstromarts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SCFTA/ Twitter:...

Bye To The Big Three! show art Bye To The Big Three!

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, co-hosts Erin and Brandy wrap-up with a rundown of all the Season 3 guests. What lessons will the I Heart Costa Mesa team take away from this season's guests? Find out on this season finale episode! On This Episode, We Discuss: Our booth at the 2019 Costa Mesa Concerts In The Park: https://www.costamesafoundation.org/concerts Ep. 1 - Costa Mesa 365: https://soundcloud.com/iheartcostamesa/2019-going-all-in-on-costa Ep. 2 - Shreducate Academy: https://soundcloud.com/iheartcostamesa/shreducated-with-skater-joey Ep. 3 - Mesa...

Jeffrey Smith: Wickid Candle show art Jeffrey Smith: Wickid Candle

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, we've got local chandler (that's 'candle-maker' to some) Jeffrey Smith, founder of Wickid Candle. Wickid Candle is a Costa Mesa-based purveyor of organic handmade candles in masculine scents, like tobacco, musk, ozone, teakwood, tonka and more. Listen in to learn more about candle-making than you ever thought possible, then go check out Smith's full line of organic candles at wickidcandle.com - or smell them for yourself, every weekend, at the OC Market Place here in Costa Mesa. Connect with Jeffrey Smith and Wickid Candle:...

Pots and Pans with Jack and Annie show art Pots and Pans with Jack and Annie

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this week's podcast, we've got dynamic radio duo - Chef Annie Morgan and Horticulturalist Jack Carlisle - of the 'Pots and Pans with Jack and Annie' show, which airs Sundays from 9:30-10:30am on local station KOCI 101.5 FM. Jack and Annie are an integral part of our local community... and no topic is off the table. We laugh! We cry. We discuss the value of partnership and debate the benefits of chatting up random strangers at the mall. It's a fun episode you won't want to miss. Check it out, Costa Mesa! Listen to 'Pots and Pans with Jack and Annie': Sunday mornings on...

Orleda Azevedo: Girls Inc. show art Orleda Azevedo: Girls Inc.

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this week's episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa Show podcast, we're chatting with Orleda Azevedo, Director of Volunteers at Girls Inc. of Orange County - now celebrating its 65th year! Few organizations have such a storied history, locally. Listen in to learn more about the amazing work they are doing for local girls and young women. Connect with Girls Inc. of Orange County: Website: https://www.girlsinc-oc.org/ Instagram: @girlsinc_oc Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GirlsIncOrangeCounty/ On This Episode, We Discuss: The Upcoming 'My Bold Future'...

Ally Garvin: Neat Coffee show art Ally Garvin: Neat Coffee

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

This week on the podcast, we've got founder and owner of Neat Coffee, Ally Garvin, who - after ten long months of hard work, fundraising, floor refinishing, leak patching, mural painting, menu compiling, and staff training - now has a beautiful, new, coffee shop to call her own. Garvin's mission to create a community gathering space in Costa Mesa, and the obstacles she's overcome to get there, can be an inspiration to us all. Check out our interview with Garvin, then go visit the new Neat Coffee at 1922 Pomona Avenue! Connect with Neat Coffee: Website: http://www.neat.coffee/ Instagram:...

Rebekah Robeck: Let's Be Kind show art Rebekah Robeck: Let's Be Kind

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

Costa Mesa High School 9th grader, Rebekah Robeck, is cultivating kindness here in our community. Check out our interview with this inspiring, local teen - a girl on a personal mission to bring more kindness and connection into the lives of Costa Mesa kids - then be sure to follow her on Instagram @letsbekindday to keep up with all she's doing. Thank you for listening. Have a *kind* weekend, Costa Mesans!  Follow Along with Rebekah and Let's Be Kind Day: Website: https://letsbekindnet.wordpress.com/ Instagram: @letsbekindday On This Episode, We Discuss: Costa Mesa Middle / High...

Ian Stevenson: Love Costa Mesa Day show art Ian Stevenson: Love Costa Mesa Day

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

This week, on the podcast, we've got Ian Stevenson, Executive Director of Trellis and part of the team spearheading "Love Costa Mesa Day 2019." Love Costa Mesa Day is an annual day of volunteering and service, happening on Saturday, May 18th, 2019. We get all the details on where to sign up, how to participate, what it means and why it's happening - plus lots more about our beloved Costa Mesa. Check it out!   Sign Up For Love Costa Mesa Day: Website: https://www.lovecostamesa.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovecostamesa/ Instagram: @lovecostamesa   On this episode,...

Jim Washburn: Lost In OC show art Jim Washburn: Lost In OC

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

Journalist, author and music aficionado, Jim Washburn, has a lot to say about Costa Mesa - and he's been saying it for years, writing for the OC Weekly, OC Register and LA Times (to name a few.) It's always fun talking to longtime Costa Mesans - they have the very best stories! Washburn does not disappoint. Check out our podcast interview, then follow him on Facebook to get more "Washburnisms" flowing through your feed.   Connect with Jim Washburn: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jim.washburn.18 Washburn's Books On Amazon: Amazon:https://www.amazon.com/Jim-Washburn/e/B001KIPX1W On...

Leah Stewart: The LiveLife Movement show art Leah Stewart: The LiveLife Movement

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

Leah Stewart wants you to move.... your body, that is! This Westside Costa Mesan is going all-in on wellness, movement, and getting people (especially women, especially moms,) into alignment at every level of their lives. In this episode, we go deep on the topic of Pilates. We also talk about juggling business with motherhood, her backyard chickens, and why "nobody wants to pee in their pants." Stewart is the kind of bright, knowledgeable neighbor that makes the very best podcast guest. Enjoy! Connect with Leah Stewart: Instagram: @thelivelifemovement Connect with The LiveLife Movement:...

More Episodes

Hey Costa Mesa: Do you know where your water comes from? How it gets there? Where it goes? We didn't... until we invited Shawn Dewane from Mesa Water on the podcast! Now we know *so much more* about local water than we ever thought possible. Dive on in to Episode 3 of Season 3 with us... and soon, you too, will know more about Costa Mesa water than you ever did before. Learn something local - check it out, Costa Mesa!


Connect with Mesa Water and Shawn Dewane:

Online: https://www.mesawater.org/

Instagram: @mesawater

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MesaWater/

On this episode, we discuss:

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The Capital Grille Restaurant: https://www.thecapitalgrille.com/locations/ca/costa-mesa/costa-mesa/8044

TeWinkle Park: https://www.costamesaca.gov/city-hall/city-departments/parks-and-community-services/map-of-city-parks/tewinkle-park

Segerstrom Center for the Arts: https://www.scfta.org/

OC Fairgrounds Equestrian Center: https://ocfair.com/about-us/oc-equestrian-center/

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