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Ian Stevenson: Love Costa Mesa Day

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

Release Date: 05/03/2019

Thomas Curran: Moving On West show art Thomas Curran: Moving On West

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

When Chef Thomas Curran's much-hyped, Costa Mesa restaurant didn't pan out, he found himself at a fork in life's road. Fifty, spent, and yearning to rediscover meaning - after years "head down" in the restaurant industry - he was ripe for a change. So, he shuttered Taco Brat, boxed up his stuff, and flew to the East Coast to embark on a journey few would have the courage or fortitude to take: walk across the country. 231 days, countless footsteps - and lots of insights, new friendships and stories later - Thomas Curran completed his walk across the continental United States and has returned to...

Dean Tompkins: Costa Mesa, Coffee and Cannabis show art Dean Tompkins: Costa Mesa, Coffee and Cannabis

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, we catch up with our friend, Dean Tompkins, of Thunderking Coffee. Tompkins is always funny and engaging... and we're pretty convinced he's the guy who personally knows every single person in Costa Mesa! In this conversation, we discuss the latest happenings at his local coffee company, his love for his city and, *gulp*, the tricky issue of the newly-legalized cannabis industry. It's a conversation unlike any we've had on the podcast to date... don't miss it! Connect With Dean Tompkins and Thunderking Coffee: Online: thunderkingcoffee.com...

Local Magician... Brettso The Great! show art Local Magician... Brettso The Great!

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this week's episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, we've got Brett Bolich - who performs all over Southern California as local magician, Brettso The Great! In this interview, we talk about the life of a magician, our local magic scene and, of course, Costa Mesa.  Check it out, then have a magical weekend, Costa Mesans! Connect With Brettso The Great: Online: https://brettsothegreat.com/ Instagram: @brettsothegreat Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brettsothegreat/ On This Episode We Discuss:  Cheers To 20 Years at...

Kristin Hoang: Newport Mesa Moms show art Kristin Hoang: Newport Mesa Moms

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this week's episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, we talk about parenthood and local, family fun with blogger Kristin Hoang of NewportMesaMoms.com. Newport Mesa Moms is a local blog, covering the Costa Mesa and Newport Beach areas, featuring stories, recommendations, activities, an event calendar, and more! We cover everything - and the Brussels-sprouts pizza - in this interview. Check it out! Connect With Newport Mesa Moms: Online: newportmesamoms.com Instagram: @newportmesamoms Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewportMesaMoms/ On This Episode We Discuss:  The Scarecrow...

Gina Oddo: Center Club Orange County show art Gina Oddo: Center Club Orange County

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this week's episode of the podcast, we interview Gina Oddo, Club Manager for Center Club Orange County. Center Club - based here in Costa Mesa - is a posh, private club started in 1985 by Henry T. Segerstrom. It began as a place where executive leaders could share interests, unwind, enjoy a drink, and network. These days, it's grown to become so much more! Oddo gives us a floor-to-ceiling sneak peak into this social / business hub at the heart of South Coast Metro. Enjoy the view... and enjoy your weekend, Costa Mesans!  Connect With Center Club Orange County:...

Chef John Park: TOAST Kitchen + Bakery show art Chef John Park: TOAST Kitchen + Bakery

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this week's episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, we've got the 2019 Golden Foodie Awards 'Chef of the Year' - Chef John Park of TOAST Kitchen + Bakery - in studio to share his Costa Mesa story. Chef Park's journey of giving and growth will leave you feeling inspired, engaged... and *totally hungry* for his delicious menu. Listen in to this week's episode, then head over to TOAST for brunch or dinner, this weekend! Connect With TOAST Kitchen + Bakery: Online: https://www.toastkitchenbakery.com/ Instagram: @toastamesa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toastamesa/ On This...

Anais Tangie: Cultivating Connections show art Anais Tangie: Cultivating Connections

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this week's podcast episode, we've got Anais Tangie - owner of AT Connections - who is currently working with Triangle Square to bring more vibrancy, community, and culture to "downtown Costa Mesa." Tangie dreams big, so come along for the ride as we imagine what the future of the city might hold in store. Connect With Anais Tangie: Online: https://atconnections.co/ Instagram: @anaistangie Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anaistangie On This Episode We Discuss:  Triangle Square: https://www.go2triangle.com/ Costa Makers Block Party, Sept. 28th from 11-3pm, at Triangle...

Matthew Parsons: Shaka Sauce show art Matthew Parsons: Shaka Sauce

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

Some podcast guests are informative and straightforward. Others are quirky, off-the-cuff, and keep you on your toes from start to finish. Can you guess which kind of guest the guys from Shaka Sauce turned out to be? On this episode of The I Heart Costa Mesa Show, we spice things up with Matthew Parsons – and his tight-lipped, bottle-wielding sidekick, Leo – to learn all about their local line of hot sauces. You can find Shaka Sauce in restaurants and independent markets all over Costa Mesa. Check out the episode, then give Shaka Sauce a try! Connect With Shaka Sauce: Online:...

Jason Holland: Segerstrom Center for the Arts show art Jason Holland: Segerstrom Center for the Arts

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this first episode of a brand-new season of the podcast, we dive into the world of performing arts - here in the City of the Arts - with Jason Holland, VP of Community Engagement at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Learn all about the upcoming theater season and more FREE, local events you can enjoy on the Argyros Plaza, here in Costa Mesa. Listen in, then check out all the fun stuff happening over at SCFTA this Fall! Connect with Segerstrom Center for the Arts: Online: https://www.scfta.org/ Instagram: @segerstromarts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SCFTA/ Twitter:...

Bye To The Big Three! show art Bye To The Big Three!

The I Heart Costa Mesa Show

On this episode of the I Heart Costa Mesa podcast, co-hosts Erin and Brandy wrap-up with a rundown of all the Season 3 guests. What lessons will the I Heart Costa Mesa team take away from this season's guests? Find out on this season finale episode! On This Episode, We Discuss: Our booth at the 2019 Costa Mesa Concerts In The Park: https://www.costamesafoundation.org/concerts Ep. 1 - Costa Mesa 365: https://soundcloud.com/iheartcostamesa/2019-going-all-in-on-costa Ep. 2 - Shreducate Academy: https://soundcloud.com/iheartcostamesa/shreducated-with-skater-joey Ep. 3 - Mesa...

More Episodes

This week, on the podcast, we've got Ian Stevenson, Executive Director of Trellis and part of the team spearheading "Love Costa Mesa Day 2019." Love Costa Mesa Day is an annual day of volunteering and service, happening on Saturday, May 18th, 2019. We get all the details on where to sign up, how to participate, what it means and why it's happening - plus lots more about our beloved Costa Mesa. Check it out!


Sign Up For Love Costa Mesa Day:

Website: https://www.lovecostamesa.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovecostamesa/

Instagram: @lovecostamesa


On this episode, we discuss:

OCC Planetarium: https://www.iheartcostamesa.com/play/spacing-out-costa-mesa-occ-planetarium/

Trellis: https://wearetrellis.com/

Podcast with Muriel Ullman, Network for Homeless Solutions: https://www.iheartcostamesa.com/love/muriel-ullman-network-for-homeless-solutions/

City of Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter: https://www.costamesaca.gov/city-hall/city-departments/city-manager-s-office/addressing-costa-mesa-s-homeless

Lighthouse Church: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lighthouse/115428045149999

Costa Mesa Homeless Task Force: https://www.costamesaca.gov/city-hall/city-departments/city-manager-s-office/network-for-homeless-solutions/addressing-homelessness

Newport Rib Company: http://www.ribcompany.com/

Mendocino Farms: https://www.mendocinofarms.com/costa-mesa/

Fairview Park: https://www.iheartcostamesa.com/featured/fairview-park/

OC Fair: https://ocfair.com/


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