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The Imaging Hangout

Release Date: 06/11/2020

Episode 03 stars VO royalty Mr Jeff Berlin and super-producer Adam Schneider.
As always we chat creativity and what makes us tick. We touch on Jingle mixing, VO setups, Plug-Ins such a TrackSpacer, Gullfoss and Waves De-Breath. Jeff plays us some Kiss 108 production staring his daughters VO, (spot the Blueprint Logos woven in), who makes a very funny but unexpected guest in this episode. 
Speaking of unexpected guests. We get podcast crashed from Robbo’s guys on ‘The Pro Audio Suite’, another podcast worth checking out if you have the time! 
They say laughing is contagious, well, we laughed a lot during this episode and we hope it rubs off.
If you’d like to appear on a future episode or would like us to interview (and we use the term interview, lightly) someone specific then please email or DM one of the team.
Happy listening! :)

You can also find our Facebook page here, info on Imaging Blueprint here, and Voodoo Radio Imaging here, plus Andrew Peters (Our Voiceover guy) here

If you'd like to be part of the conversation just email one of the guys or use theimaginghangout@gmail.com
Not only that, but we might also be able to pair you with a Producer you've always admired and wanted to chat with.

Thanks for listening, it’s a joy to put these together and we hope that comes across in the audio. 

Please stay safe!