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Three Ways to Reconnect with Intentional Comfort as Inspired by the Art of Gathering

Jump Start Your Joy

Release Date: 12/22/2021

Intentional Comfort and Joy in the Midst of Grief with Jenn Oglesbee show art Intentional Comfort and Joy in the Midst of Grief with Jenn Oglesbee

Jump Start Your Joy

Jenn Oglesbee is a certified life coach and licensed clinical social worker, and the discussions that she and I had last summer on Instagram Live are what me to choose the “Intentional Comfort” for season seven on Jump Start Your Joy. We had a series called “What the Hell?,” and in it we discussed the events of the past couple of years, and how they impacted our lives. Jenn and I share a love of talking about joy, and have both woven it into our work. It’s an honor to have Jenn come back a year later, and share more about her own journey. In December of 2021, Jenn lost her sister to...

Five Easy Mindfulness Tips to Help You Every Day show art Five Easy Mindfulness Tips to Help You Every Day

Jump Start Your Joy

Mindfulness is a great way to find more joy and center yourself. In this time of transition, when things feel difficult, it's great to have a few easy, go-to mindfulness tools.  The five are: 1. Notice your emotions, and share them with someone else. 2. Breathe, as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. I share his practice of inhaling, exhaling, and smiling. 3. Observe (or spend time in) Nature. As discussed in my previous episode with Emma Loewe, author of Return to Nature, nature has restorative properties for humans. When you feel stressed, take a moment to look out your window or take a break...

Finding and Honoring Your Heart's Second Home show art Finding and Honoring Your Heart's Second Home

Jump Start Your Joy

In tying in with this season's theme of "Intentional Comfort," and the mini series on "Finding Home," I'm excited to share about how finding and honoring your heart's second home. The idea of having homes beyond the physical place you dwell is one that hit me in about 2004, when I attended a retreat at San Damiano in Danville, CA. It became clear to me that some places feel like home, usually because of the community or the connection I had to them. In this episode, I'm sharing a few of those places, what they mean to me, and how you can also find and honor your heart's second home.   ...

Shelter in Place and Finding Your Way Home with Laura Joyce Davis show art Shelter in Place and Finding Your Way Home with Laura Joyce Davis

Jump Start Your Joy

Laura Joyce Davis started her podcast, Shelter in Place, just as the pandemic shut California and the United States down on March 17, 2020. We talk about finding joy in hard times, defining the meaning of home, and sheltering in place as parents. Laura is a Minneapolis native who now calls Oakland home. She is an award-winning fiction writer, a Fulbright scholar, a WNYC Podcast Accelerator finalist, and a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee. She is a mom of three young kids who believe that anything is possible if you have a cape, a crown, and a very good book (she doesn’t disagree). In past...

The Body is Not an Apology with Sonya Renee Taylor show art The Body is Not an Apology with Sonya Renee Taylor

Jump Start Your Joy

In this interview, I am so honored to be joined by author Sonya Renee Taylor. Sonya is the author of the the New York Times Bestselling book, “The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love.” She just recently released an updated version of that book, and the “Your Body is Not an Apology Workbook: Tools for Living Radical Self Love.” Sonya is joining me to talk all about radical self-love and joy. And, she shares that when we start to love ourselves, we can transform how we interact with others in the world. Sonya Renee Taylor and I talked about: – her early joys of...

Return to Nature with Emma Loewe show art Return to Nature with Emma Loewe

Jump Start Your Joy

for mindbodygreen, and she has just released the amazing book, Return to Nature: The New Science of How Nature Landscapes Restore Us. In it, she shares the different kinds of landscapes, how they effect your mental health, studies about why they improve your mental health, and things you can do to counter-act the effects of climate change on these landscapes. This discussion fits so well into this month’s theme of “finding home,” and I hope you love this conversation about the return to nature with Emma Loewe. Read the full show notes on my website. In this episode, Emma Loewe and I...

Fred LeBlanc on Finding a Mardi Gras State of Mind show art Fred LeBlanc on Finding a Mardi Gras State of Mind

Jump Start Your Joy

Fred LeBlanc is back for the third time on Jump Start Your Joy, and he’s joining me this time to talk about his new single, “Mardi Gras State of Mind” and his reflections on how things changed for him (and all of us) during the pandemic. In refreshing Fred style, we also dive into talking about the influences that shape people (including Elvis and Anne Rice), and how dreaming big can change the world. In this episode, Fred LeBlanc and I talk about: His time during the pandemic: getting married, shelter in place, doing online concerts, and revisiting music Playing Lundy Gras and the...

Stepping Up and Standing Out as an Introvert with Heather Hall show art Stepping Up and Standing Out as an Introvert with Heather Hall

Jump Start Your Joy

In this episode of Jump Start Your Joy, I’m so excited to welcome Heather Hall, a transformative Leadership Coach, strategic Executive Coach, and evocative Spiritual Director whom I met through CLCC. She’s also the author of Step Up and Stand Out: 20 Tips for Aspiring Introverted Leaders. Heather helps aspiring introverted leaders, and their managers, connect with their voices and values to bring their ideas and vision to life.  I hope that you enjoy this episode about stepping up and standing out for introverts with Heather Hall. In this episode, Heather and I discuss: What is an...

10 Things That Will Inspire More Passion and Joy in Your Work and Life show art 10 Things That Will Inspire More Passion and Joy in Your Work and Life

Jump Start Your Joy

10 Things That Will Inspire More Passion and Joy in Your Work and Life Introspection - Using the tools above, or working with a coach, a mentor, or a journal can provide a lot of insight for you. It's also important that you take time to heal any sort of past trauma or issues that might be making it hard for you to define or get in touch with your passions. Just start moving and working on things. Lots of times people think that they need to have everything all figured out before they can take the first step. Instead, think of the first logical step and give it a try. Let your passion...

Long Live the 80s: Arcade Games, Music and an Airbnb with guest Scott Leftwich of Wieners and Losers show art Long Live the 80s: Arcade Games, Music and an Airbnb with guest Scott Leftwich of Wieners and Losers

Jump Start Your Joy

In this interview, I'm excited to be joined by Scott Leftwich. Scott originally started collecting console video games, and then began collecting early arcade games. He now owns 125 video games, and has the largest privately held collection of video games on the East Coast. Once a month, he opens the arcade for "Wieners and Losers," where people can play games for three hours and enjoy hot dogs and other food. He also has a band named Scott Leftwich and The Atarians, and in 2021 he opened an 80s themed Airbnb in his home. I hope you enjoy this conversation celebrating the 80s!  In this...

More Episodes

Intentional Comfort is the theme of this season, and in this episode I'm taking inspiration from Priya Parker's Art of Gathering, and using her 3 rules of gathering to consider new ways to reconnect with what nourishes, fortifies, and supports you.  While her Ted Talk is about how to interact in groups and gatherings in new ways, I find that her rules and thoughts offer insights on how to connect with yourself, and how to determine what is meaningful to you when looking for intentional comfort.

Here are the basics of what I'm covering:

Don't leave it to chance

This is the intentional part of things. If we leave the relationship and connection we have to and with ourselves to chance, it's far too easy to focus on the basics and logistics of life, and ignore time for self care. If you're longing for more time for yourself, or time to do thoughtful, comforting things, schedule that time in.

Embrace your purpose

For many of you, especially over the stretch of the pandemic, you may have developed some habits that aren’t really serving you. And, while they likely did serve you for a period of time, now that we’re nearly into the third year of all of this, I think the way we look at comfort and what fortifies us has likely changed. It’s become super apparent that this isn’t about a sprint, this is about a transition. What is the purpose, or meaning, behind setting up time for intentional comfort?

How can you craft something that supports and nourishes you, as we all work through this transition together?

What is the purpose of what you want to do, in finding comfort?

What would meet your needs?

If you’re looking for an escape, what does that look like given any of your current constraints?

If you’re looking for peace and quiet, why?

And if you dig a layer deeper, is there something you feel is missing? 

Cause good controversy

Priya says that “human connection is as threatened by unhealthy peace as it is by unhealthy conflict.” And, I’d add that this connection is true for gatherings as it is for the connection you and I have with ourselves. 

For this, I’d ask yourself what do you need, right now? Drop any sort of “shoulds” or polite answers. You're answering this just for yourself. 

Some of these answers might be overly simple: a walk, a shower, a drink of water, a meal

Some of these answers might be more complicated and feel harder to figure out: a feeling of connectedness, quiet time when I’m not needed by anyone else, a day to just bake cookies and connect with the holiday spirit

How can you do this? It might feel like it involves creating some good controversy, especially if it involves speaking up to divide up housework with your family, to find quiet time, to find time to pursue a hobby, or to interview for a new job. You may need help from other people to do these things. So, dive in and ask yourself what you need and then figure out what kind of help you need from other people in your family.

The other side of this good controversy could be a totally inside job. It could be that you’ve been sitting with something for a long time that doesn’t feel so great, and in order to find comfort and joy on the other side, you need to work through it. You may need to break through a Story - or something you’re assuming is true but isn’t really true.

Use "pop up" rules

Priya suggests this for groups that gather that don’t necessarily share the same background, or are part of the same generation, culture, or rules for etiquette. She says in those situations, you can set up pop up rules to encourage meaningful connection.

What if you changed your own rules for a bit? What rules could you set for yourself, just for a day or a week, to support yourself?

An example might be: set a bedtime for yourself for the next week if you are tired.

Make a rule for yourself that this week, you will slow down and have an afternoon snack and see how that feels.

Limit your interaction with people who stress you out, if possible. 

Maybe if there’s a particular person that tends to upset you but you know you’ll see at a holiday event, maybe set a rule that you can leave after a certain amount of time at the event, or request that you not be seated next to them?

This might mean that you’re asking for something slightly different of yourself and other people - and that could be uncomfortable. So, let it be an experiment. Try out what something new looks like.

Wrap up

These ideas are all so applicable to how we can find intentional comfort and joy in our lives. It’s so easy to get into habits that don’t really support you, but have addressed discomfort you may have been feeling. Intentional Comfort is all adding a layer of mindfulness to what you do every day. I have been looking for ways to intentionally add nurturing and nourishing habits to my days, and find that when I make those choices, I do find more joy, too.


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