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The Food-Archivist --Saving the World One Recipe at a Time

Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer

Release Date: 03/25/2016

Based on the California Central Coast, Ann-Terese Barket is on a mission to preserve family recipes. She developed the Food Archivist to assist families save and preserve ancestral recipes that historically have been passed down through the oral tradition. Barket has propelled the process in to the 21st Century by providing on-location audio and video recordings of grandma or grandpa in-the-kitchen preparing family specialties. By creating audio-video archives of family recipes Barket ensures that her client’s recipes will be available for generations to come. Join correspondent, Tom Wilmer for a visit with Ms. Barket as she explains the nuances of her Food Archivist business.

Ms. Barket says, "For many people food and family are interconnected. As a child I remember sitting on the big metal bean can watching my dad cook a huge pot of beans. He would rise early to begin preparing Mexican meals for the customers at El Matador Restaurant. As usual, the meals would be special. He would cook every meal for his customers as if he was cooking for his family: chili verde, tamales, chili rellenos and more! Except in much larger quantities. Today, the restaurant is gone and my dad has passed, but his recipes live on. I am no longer the little girl sitting on the bean can watching my dad cook my favorite meals, I am the woman who savors the flavors and feelings of cooking a pot of beans or chili verde for friends and family. I love cooking my dad’s recipes- It’s my time with him again."

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