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Love's Jazz and Art Center North Omaha

Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer

Release Date: 03/27/2016

Join Correspondent, Tom Wilmer in Omaha, Nebraska at Love’s Jazz & Art Center in the heart of the North side of town for a visit with Tim Clark, Executive Director. Love’s is a non-profit center that melds the best of local and regional art and music. The North Side of Omaha has been a hub of American Jazz and blues since the 1920s. At the height of the jazz and blues era The Dreamland Ballroom, McGill’s Blue Room, Jim Bell’s Harlem on Lake, and venues that catered to the African American community played host to legends such as Luis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, the Nat King Cole Trio and other greats. Love’s Jazz and Art Center was created in honor of Preston Love and to pay homage to Omaha’s illustrious past as a Jazz and Blues trendsetter. It also serves as a venue for present day, local, regional, and national musicians as well as artists to showcase their work. In addition to ongoing art exhibits with an African American emphasis, the center offers a live jazz concert every Friday night.

Love’s Jazz & Arts Center (LJAC) is unique in that it is the only facility in the region to offer comprehensive African American Arts Exhibits, Performance-based Arts, cultural and historical preservation and archives of the contributions of African Americans, and African American based arts education.  We are a place where students can learn about the rich cultural and heritage of Jazz music, an American original art form.  The center explores the contributions of Omaha’s own legendary Jazz musician Preston Love Sr., along with others who made an impact on the world of Jazz from the corner of 24th & Lake Street in North Omaha.

The Love’s Jazz and Art Center was born of a revitalization effort in North Omaha, Nebraska in June of 2005.  Aided by the City of Omaha’s Planning Department and community leaders, a historic building was renovated to become this community’s first fine arts museum and gallery with performance arts capability.  It has also been a beacon for local artists to display and sell their works.  Those who dwell within the area look upon this facility with great prideLove’s Jazz and Art Center believes that knowledge stimulates artistic expression.  Great cultures of the past have been judged so because of the art and literature left behind.

Love's Jazz and Art Center
2510 N 24th St. Omaha, NE 68111
Phone: (402) 502-5291

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