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Trooper Island Kid's Camp

Lake Life With Molley And Chad Podcast

Release Date: 08/04/2022

State Dock Poker Run 2023 show art State Dock Poker Run 2023

Lake Life With Molley And Chad Podcast

Episode 32: Molley and Chad close out Season 3 with their friend Chad Hopper.  As the weather changes and the Fall colors burst, State Dock on Lake Cumberland hosts a Poker Run.  It’s the last blow out event of the season.  Lake Life with Molley and Chad is a sponsor of the 2023 Poker Run. Welcome to the Poker Run Chad explains that the is an event involving some really powerful boats on the lake.  It’s usually held over a weekend.  Molley and Chad made sure to publicize the and all the swag from t-shirts, footballs and more at this year’s event. This year,...

Dock Crawl 2023 show art Dock Crawl 2023

Lake Life With Molley And Chad Podcast

Episode 31: Molley and Chad return to the Dock Crawl at State Dock Marina on Lake Cumberland, for the second year in a row.  This episode will feature interviews and comments from friends and new friends who came out to enjoy a wonderful tradition. In a , you met Donzi Dale and Sandy.  They have a houseboat on the lake and invited Molley and Chad to use their boat as a home base during the event.  A special shout out to to introducing them to the Dock Crawl in 2022.  Their friend Kelly Smith was the interviewer during the 2023 event.  She did a terrific job. Recon...

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Lake Life With Molley And Chad Podcast

Episode 30: Molley and Chad interview Missy Johnson, owner of Lake Girl Apparel.  We’re going to talk about her brand and how it was a perfect fit, given Missy’s love for the water.  Hey, if you’re going to enjoy the Lake Life, you should look good while you’re doing it, right?  Be sure to listen to the end of the episode for a special offer! How Did Lake Girl Get Started? Missy lives in Minnesota (“the land of 10,000 lakes).  started in 2002, in Detroit Lakes, MN.  The original founder, Peggy, founded the store and focused more on a wholesale business...

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Episode 29: Molley and Chad interview Aqua Supply Co. owners Courtney and Andrew in today’s episode.  Aqua sells marine products and apparel for everyone who loves boating, beaches and the outdoors.  The four of them originally met at the Dock Crawl in 2022.  We’ll catch up on the new business and have a few laughs along the way.  So, How’s Business? Andrew is happy to say they sold out of all of the merchandise at the Cincinnati Boat Show.  is their first brand.  It’s detailing products to be use on boats, as well as cars and RVs.  Andrew has...

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Episode 28:  It’s time for another episode of Lake Life with Molley and Chad! In today’s episode, we’re joined by our friends Fran, Rob and Adam to talk about Lake Cumberland, in Kentucky.  This is a continuation of our tour of lakes across Kentucky and Tennessee.  It's time for a deep dive into what makes this lake so special. Please note:  This conversation includes a few, random curse words.  We apologize if you find them offensive.  Additionally, we thought we'd let any parents with young kids know, before you begin playing the episode. Lake Cumberland...

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Episode 27:  Welcome to Lake Life with Molley and Chad! In today’s episode, we’re joined by a group of friends to talk about Rough River Lake in Kentucky.  Our friends are Chuck, Dawn, Spence and Lisa.  This is a continuation of our tour of lakes across Kentucky and Tennessee.  Let’s jump in, so to speak. Rough River Lake Offers Diverse Activities Rough River Lake is a 65-foot deep reservoir located in Breckenridge, Hardin and Grayson counties, in Kentucky.  It offers a wised range of activities for visitors to enjoy.  It’s a popular destination for...

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Episode 26:  In this episode, Molley and Chad continue their focus on highlighting several different lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee, Trasee and Fess are here to provide insights and recommendations about Norris Lake. , located in Tennessee, is a popular destination for lake enthusiasts and vacationers alike. With its vast size, muddy waters, and unique floating communities, Norris Lake offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those seeking a lakeside getaway. Trasee and Fess have been going to Norris Lake since 2005, giving them a wealth of experience and knowledge about the area. They own...

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Episode 25:  Welcome to Lake Life with Molley and Chad! In today’s episode, we’re joined by Amy Walker and Sherri West from Walker Realty in Columbia, Kentucky. They discuss importance of having experience and education when planning to start your lake life experience. The two real estate agents advise the couple about locations, boat storage, budgeting for second homes, the importance of speaking to an accountant in order to have realistic expectations and the reasons to consider the maintenance of two homes.  Work with a Realtor When it comes to finding the perfect second...

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Episode 24:  Welcome to Lake Life with Molley and Chad! In today’s episode, our friends Jamie and Adam join us to discuss Nolin Lake in Kentucky.  It’s also called Nolin River Lake.  Interesting Facts about Nolin Lake spans parts of Hart, Grayson and Edmonson County, near Mammoth Cave National Park.  It’s another man-made lake, like . It covers roughly 5,700 acres.  There are several popular campgrounds near the lake.  They are , and .  There’s also .  The Nolin Lake State Park also features a primitive campground at Brier Creek (this may...

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More Episodes

Episode 18:  In this episode, Molley and Chad speak with Kentucky State Trooper Jonathan Biven about a very special place on Dale Hollow Lake, Trooper Island Kid’s Camp.  Established in 1965, KSP Colonel Ted Bassett wanted to provide a place for underprivileged children to have the opportunity to escape their struggles and have a week to interact in a positive way with law enforcement.  It was meant to let them simply be kids.

Who Gets to Go to Trooper Island Kid’s Camp?

The 35-acre Island has 9 weeks of camps and tries to serve 720 kids ranging between the ages of 10-12 years of age.  It’s open to both girls and boys.  There’s on online Camper Application available on the Camp’s website.  They also offer a Scholarship Program.

The Kentucky State Troopers have 16 posts throughout the Commonwealth.  They work with schools, kids and parents to help identify prospective kids who would be interested in coming to the camp.  Since its beginning, over 60 campers have gone on to become KY State Troopers.  The camp has had over 20,000 campers, so far.  In fact, one of the campers from the 1985-1986 years, is the current Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police, PJ Burnett.

Is the Island just for Kid’s Camp?

Actually, no.  The KSP also makes the facilities available to church groups, local area residents and other uses.  Even when people aren’t on site, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

How Can People Contribute to the Camp?

Trooper Island Kid’s Camp is not supported by state funds.  There’s a constant need to try to raise donations to support the facilities and the mission.  There are raffles, golf tournaments, jeep rallies and other events. 

You can donate directly via the website.  There’s also a way to buy raffle tickets directly through the site.  Inflation is dramatically impacting the budget for fuel, supplies, maintenance and food.  The need is tremendous, but so is the good this camp does. 

A Day in the Life of a Camper on the Island

Trooper Jonathan describes a typical day for the kids who attend Trooper Island Kid’s Camp.  A bus picks them up and transports the 70-80 kids to the camp.  They arrive and take a barge to the island.  They learn how to swim, fish, shoot archery, kayak, hunter & gun safety and general recreation.  It gives them a chance to see the 10-12 troopers interacting with the campers and having fun with everyone.

On Wednesday nights, the troopers put on their KSP uniforms.  The kids quickly begin connecting the fun guys they’ve been spending time with are also troopers.  But more importantly, the recognize that each trooper is also a person.  They are there to help, even when they leave the island.

Trooper Jonathan basically works and lives on the island.  He was a public affairs liaison for KSP.  He first visited the island in 2004.  He became an avid fundraiser for the camp.  Eventually, an opening became available and Jonathan got the job.  His daughters are camp counselors on the island.  He credits his staff with much of the ongoing success of the island and the overall experience.  People work year-round on the island.

Training for Police Officers

One of the ways KSP utilizes Trooper Island is as a training facility.  Police officers are training for DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education program). 

The Louisville metro police dive team will perform rescue/recovery training and skill enhancement at Dale Hollow Lake and use the facilities during that time.

The Kentucky State Police Academy will also utilize the facilities for a week of survival training.

Trooper Jonathan’s Favorite Thing about the Trooper Island

Jonathan mentions is about 1 kid.  This boy came to the camp at age 11.  He’s been to the camp every single year since then.  He’s now 19 years old and is helping as a counselor.  There’s a connection and Jonathan knows the camp is having a positive impact on this young man’s life.

On the other hand, the winter months can be challenging on the island.  If you forget something in town, it takes time to go back and get it.  The weather can be difficult at times.  Thankfully, the staff is here working, but this camp is designed to be filled with campers and visitors.

Open to the Public

Molley and Chad originally won a weekend on the island, in an auction sponsored by an organization.  They’ve been coming back and making donations to support the island ever since that first experience.

Important:  If you would like to come and spend a few days on the island, you can call the office at (270) 433-5422.  If the cabins are available, you can visit and stay there.  They ask that you make a donation for the opportunity.

Closing Words from Trooper Jonathan

The camp is always looking for towels and other supplies.  You can drop them off at a KSP post to be used for the Trooper Island Kid’s Camp.  Some of the kids don’t have the most basic things.  If you have extra clothes that would fit a 10-12 year old child (including bathing suits), they are greatly appreciated.  The kids who attend camp will take the clothes home with them

We’d like to thank Trooper Jonathan Biven for joining us for this episode.  Trooper Island Kid’s Camp is a wonderful resource, provide by the Kentucky State Police and your generous donations. 

That’s a wrap for this episode.  We hope you found it helpful, insightful and maybe a little entertaining. 

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