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#54 Lawrence "Lipbone" Redding - Now This is Lip Service!

The Lil' Drummer Girl Podcast

Release Date: 04/26/2019

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I met Lawrence "Lipbone" Redding the night he played at my friend Kathy’s backyard concert.  I hadn’t heard of him before and promised her I’d be there to catch the show. 

Well, I sure was glad that I did because, although I only had an hour to catch a portion of his show, I was enthralled by his playing and what he can do vocally with his mouth, I mean the sounds he can make are unbelievable, and, all real, no trickery here.  He can sound like a train, a plane or any instrument you can think of. 

Not only was I was floored with his musical talents, his story telling was truly captivating.  He makes you feel as though you’re living it right there and then.  And, let’s not forget about the humor in his show, he’ll keep you in stitches.

I knew I had to get him on the show.  I happened to post a short video of his performance on my IG account and said something to the effect “I’d love to get this guy on the LDG show” and he replied with a comment stating that “he’d love to be on the show”, well I couldn’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was.  So I’m excited to say, he’s here with us today.

A bit about Lawrence “Lipbone” Redding:

He's an award-winning vocalist, guitar player, voice instrumentalist, storyteller, songwriter, author, teacher and traveler.  He is best known for his one-man orchestra show; simultaneously playing, singing and making the instrument sounds with his mouth and without the use of a loop pedal.  

Lipbone incorporates a full spectrum of musical styles from American Roots and Jazz to throat singing and Indian Classical.  


In his interview today, we talk about:

  • The importance of doing the “work” yourself, not waiting on others to do what they said they promised to do.
  •  What performing in the NYC subway tunnels for 6 years taught him about the industry as well as how it honed his skills as a performer.
  • How he travels around the nation in his "beautiful flying machine" (what he’s coined his van).
  • His upcoming tour “A Man With A Guitar and a Backpack” -  250 Days Around The World.
  •  The classes he teaches, (one of them will put you to sleep and that’s a good thing).
  • The importance of keeping an art journal.

 And, so much more.

So come along for the ride, grab your headphones, pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite beverage and come check out Lipbone’s interview.


Lipbone Live Videos


Pick Up Some Lipbone CD's  - (this one's my fave)


Help Fund Lipbone on His "Guitar & A Backpack - 250 Days Around The World" Tour


If you’d like to book him for a solo gig at your place, call:  Karen Grossman (310)613-2061.


Stay in touch with Lipbone:

Lipbone on Instagram  


On another note, in case you haven't heard, I’m releasing my first audio book called “151 Musically Inspired Secrets to Master This Thing Called Life” and you can pre-order your copy here:

 Preorder Now!

This book will not only help you find your purpose or help guide you on your path to finding your true calling, it will also help you look great, keep you and your home organized, shed some pounds, get healthier, become more happy and feel more at peace with yourself.

151 Musically Inspired Secrets is also a one year program which will launch along with the book so stay tuned for more on that.


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