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001: An Introduction to MEN: What We Need To Know

Men: What We Need To Know

Release Date: 05/12/2019

008: Tomas: How to say no to a woman show art 008: Tomas: How to say no to a woman

Men: What We Need To Know

This is an inner-view from Tomas and his experience of learning the value of how to say no to a woman with LOVE. This lesson has been so beneficial to him, he had to share it with you. Communication and listening are the key. 

008: Four Tips for Men When Talking to Women show art 008: Four Tips for Men When Talking to Women

Men: What We Need To Know

This interview is Amazing!

007: Emerald Men On Purpose show art 007: Emerald Men On Purpose

Men: What We Need To Know


006: Christian Women show art 006: Christian Women

Men: What We Need To Know

Listen to a Christian woman as she explains how God brought her and her husband together and her journey with knowing this is the life that God wants her to live. And as a married mother of two, listen to her response when men give her compliments. Let her tell you of her belief in the bible and what is says leads her life and marriage as a Christian Woman.

005: Sexologist Dr Hazel Grace Yates show art 005: Sexologist Dr Hazel Grace Yates

Men: What We Need To Know

Dr. Hazel Grace Yates, sexologist, founder of Healing the Divide; Women and Men, and Reveal workshops that help connect people to their sexuality.

004: A Taoist Perspective show art 004: A Taoist Perspective

Men: What We Need To Know

Clear directives on interacting with women from Taoist Qigong healer Tangelina D'aviatress

003: Man Coach Amanda Biccum show art 003: Man Coach Amanda Biccum

Men: What We Need To Know

World traveler, coach for men and women's workshop leader Amanda Biccum shares her wisdom, experience and love.

002: Why I did this Podcast show art 002: Why I did this Podcast

Men: What We Need To Know

History of why I did this podcast

001: An Introduction to MEN: What We Need To Know show art 001: An Introduction to MEN: What We Need To Know

Men: What We Need To Know


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I am Tomas Booher: The Masculine Wisdom Expert!

I spent 18 years in a all women’s university. You see, I was raised by five women and a very sensitive Dad. He was 

very strong in stature and opinion, and he knew how to treat women. I grew up in the south and midwest, so knowing 

how to treat women and being strong at the same time was imperative. 

I grew up viewing the world thru the eyes of the women around me. Women talk about things. Women help each other. 

Women stick together to the very end. If their plan doesn’t work, they simply change course and 

let another plan evolve organically. And there may not be just one woman who is in charge of the whole group. 

As you may be able to tell, this is a bit different than men.

I started this podcast because I wake up every morning thinking, how can I help other people. How can I live my life 

as an example that others can follow. I don’t want others to guess why they are on this planet,,,,,,,,, I want them 

to know.

I love waking up every morning wondering what this day holds.

I started this podcast so men like you could: have the chance to hear the things I heard growing up, 

so you could hear how and what 

you say affects women, and you’ll also get to hear from my guest what women really want and want to say to men.

I want to help men tap into their innate wisdom and access how to speak their truth and stand strong in who they are.

This podcast will give you the answers you have longed to hear. You will hear women speak from their hearts and

experience about what they have always wanted men to hear and have been afraid to say. 

You will experience women and men who have removed all the social norms and are asking for and getting what they

want on a consistent basis. You will get to hear what it sounds like to get an unwavering consent from women. And then 

I hope you will start to understand and even possibly believe, that there may be a different way to walk thru life. 

That you don’t have to 

abide by the social constructs life has bestowed or sometimes forced upon you. You can choose to live your

authentic self for the first time in your life.

The guest I bring on will share their experience on how they made the switch from taking whatever life 

gives them, to asking for what they really want and getting it. They will tell you what works for them and what 


My guest will also tell you what 

turns them on and what turns them off. They will speak from experience without sugar coating anything. 

I will be asking women what they want men to know. The things they talk about when they are alone with their 

girlfriends. And who are the 

men that demonstrate these characteristics. Then I will interview those men and have them share their journey. 

You can expect to take your earbuds out after each episode and walk away with another tidbit of information on how 

to feel more confident, something new to try when talking to women or a reflection on things you can do 

differently in your life.

Men frequently come to me for coaching on how to better their relationship, 

improve their sex life and up level their communication skills with women. 

Most of the shows will be interviews and an occasional inner-view from myself. I am so excited to share this work  

with you and my vision is that you will benefit from each and every episode. 

Thank you so much for listening to my podcast. 

Please take a movement right now to subscribe to my show on iTunes or your favorite podcast player and then 

give me a rating and a review. 

When you subscribe a hot new episode will be delivered to your device each week. 

If you hear something that makes you think of friend while you are listening to our show, stop, share my link, and 

tell them why you thought to share it with them and then come back and finish the episode.

Thanks once again.

Create your amazing day with your choices and I look forward to having you join me again next week!