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#205 Mind the Business with Richard Watts "Entitlement"

Mind the Business Podcast

Release Date: 09/26/2017

Do you believe a little more money would solve most of your problems?

Imagine private jets ready for an afternoon flight to New York City for a transcontinental shopping trip… luxury yachts circling the globe awaiting their owner's arrival…. fully staffed but rarely visited vacation homes throughout the world. The rich live trouble-free lives of graceful ease. Or do they?

Fables of Fortune pulls back the brocade curtain to reveal the precarious path of wanting more. As the advisor to the super rich, author Richard Watts reflects on the reality of wealth and a difficult and heartbreaking lesson: "The richest person is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least."

On our show today is Author Richard Watts who will talk about the subject of Entitlement.