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Throwback Thursday: An Honest Conversation with Rowan About Her Journey of Mental Health & Self Discovery with Casey and Rowan O'Roarty

Mother's Quest Podcast

Release Date: 10/20/2022

Ep 102: Milestone Hike Revisited: A Mother Son Neurodiversity Journey show art Ep 102: Milestone Hike Revisited: A Mother Son Neurodiversity Journey

Mother's Quest Podcast

Welcome to this first episode of Season Nine of the Mother’s Quest Podcast with a returning and special guest, my own son Ryan Neale. I first sat down to record an episode with Ryan in 2017, on his 13th birthday, after we embarked on a milestone hike, using the ascent and descent at our local Sugarloaf Peak to pack up the lessons of his first 13 years of life and my first 13 years of motherhood.  At that time, Ryan knew he wanted to close out his teenage years the same way he began them. So this past March, in what felt like the blink of an eye, his 20th birthday approached and Ryan...

Ep 101: Stoking our Soul Fire for a Revolution from Home with Beth Berry show art Ep 101: Stoking our Soul Fire for a Revolution from Home with Beth Berry

Mother's Quest Podcast

Welcome to this last conversation of 2023, with coach, teacher, small group and retreat facilitator at Revolution from Home, mother of four daughters and author of the book , Beth Berry. Beth says she has revolution in her bones. It began when she was seventeen and pumping milk in the bathroom of her high school for her now-grown eldest daughter. It has since gradually evolved into a tender, fiery conviction to reclaim motherhood from every disempowering personal and cultural story she can wrap her head and heart around. Beth has spent thousands of hours mentoring and supporting mothers...

Ep 100: Mothering as Revolutionary Love show art Ep 100: Mothering as Revolutionary Love

Mother's Quest Podcast

This September 11, 2023, I had the honor of holding space for an intimate conversation with civil rights leader, lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, educator, and best-selling author of the book The fact that we were recording on September 11th was meaningful, because the tragic event that had taken place 22 years ago shaped Valarie in profound ways and set her on a path that she never expected. Valarie became an activist after a man of the same Sikh faith, a father and family friend she called uncle, Balbir Singh Sodhi, was the first person murdered in hate violence in the aftermath of 9/11. ...

Dear Body Revisited: And Then I Got Shingles show art Dear Body Revisited: And Then I Got Shingles

Mother's Quest Podcast

This month, I was planning to record a special solocast to welcome in our 100th episode of the podcast. Instead, three days before my son Jacob’s scheduled knee surgery on July 11th, I got diagnosed with shingles. I’m recovering well and so is Jacob thankfully. But it really caused me to revisit my relationship with my body. There was a need for forgiveness all the way around, a rebuilding of trust and a recommitment to myself. In case you’re not familiar, shingles is the re-emergence of the chicken pox virus, which if you’ve ever had chicken pox lives dormant in your nerves and tends...

Ep 99: Building and Thinking Outside the Box with David Neale show art Ep 99: Building and Thinking Outside the Box with David Neale

Mother's Quest Podcast

I’m honored to share this special Father’s Day Episode featuring my very own father-in-law, David Neale. I started dating my husband Chris when I was only 19, so I realize David has been a source of inspiration and guidance in my life for over 30 years. How lucky I am to have had his example of leadership, impact, and joy for life to light my way for my entire adulthood!  The inspiration for this episode was sparked several months ago at a big milestone birthday celebration David organized to honor his 80th year. That celebration was also the launch of a new fund he initiated...

Ep 98: Sometimes Change Sucks  Ep 98: Sometimes Change Sucks "Reflections at the 5 year Anniversary of the Manifesto Challenge” With Graeme Seabrook

Mother's Quest Podcast

In 2018, I sat down for a special Mother's Day episode with Graeme Seabrook, a life coach and maternal health advocate, affectionately known by the thousands of mothers she supported as the "Mom for Moms." We hit it off immediately, delving deep into her Motherhood Bill of Rights and my E.P.I.C. life framework, and noticing that both had become manifestos for how we wanted to live our lives while raising our children. During that episode, we co-created what we called a Manifesto Challenge, inviting other mothers to create their own. And afterward, we would reconnect in some way each May,...

Ep 97: Reclaiming Our Time and Creativity through Fair Play in the Household  with Eve Rodsky  and special guest Co-host Caren Lettiere show art Ep 97: Reclaiming Our Time and Creativity through Fair Play in the Household with Eve Rodsky and special guest Co-host Caren Lettiere

Mother's Quest Podcast

Welcome to this special Season Seven finale episode of the Mother’s Quest Podcast, released on International Women’s Day 2023. It feels like just right timing to bring this conversation to you, but the seeds for this episode have been germinating since last spring, when Jill Daniel of Happy Women Dinners came to me with an invitation. She asked whether my sister Caren, founder of Democracy Clothing, might be interested in hosting a brunch at her house in Los Angeles with best-selling author Eve Rodsky. I had recently learned about Eve’s groundbreaking work, where she transformed her own...

Ep 96: Coming Home To Ourselves with Self-Care Coach Jamie Greenwood show art Ep 96: Coming Home To Ourselves with Self-Care Coach Jamie Greenwood

Mother's Quest Podcast

In 2016, on a leap of faith, I signed up for something called a Power Circle and was guided through a six month process by this amazing facilitator Jamie Greenwood. In the space that Jamie held for a small group of us, I said out loud my dreams for Mother’s Quest for the first time, and at Jamie’s urging, started a Facebook Group for the community I hoped to grow in my journey. Six plus years, almost a 100 podcast episodes, and over a thousand FB Group members later in my journey, Jamie has become a mother herself, and has evolved her coaching practice into one that teaches big-dreaming,...

Throwback Thursday: Smashing the Kyriarchy with Books for Littles Ashia Ray show art Throwback Thursday: Smashing the Kyriarchy with Books for Littles Ashia Ray

Mother's Quest Podcast

I am honored to bring you back to a powerful and important conversation with a woman who deeply impacted my life and my children’s life, Ashia Ray of Raising Luminaries and Books for Littles. Thousands of parents like me seek Ashia's help in finding the best books to foster age-appropriate conversations with our children about white supremacy, cissexism, ableism, and other issues. Her thoughtfully researched and child-tested book lists, at BooksForLittles.com and in her private group is a big help for parents like me.  Grab this opportunity to widen and deepen your awareness,...

Throwback Thursday: “Flawed” with Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic show art Throwback Thursday: “Flawed” with Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic

Mother's Quest Podcast

2022 is almost over; it’s time to reflect and set intentions for the upcoming new year!  As I thought about what episode I wanted to bring back to you, I kept coming to this conversation with the Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic. One of the most powerful takeaways of this episode is how owning her flaws and sharing them vulnerably with her children has become a key to living her epic life.  If your 2022 has been anything like my year, there have been a lot of things that didn't go exactly as planned. But I hope this conversation gives us all permission to look at the things that...

More Episodes

For this weeks’ Throwback Thursday, I’m excited to do a podcast exchange with Mother’s Quest member and fellow podcaster Casey O’Rourty. Casey is a positive discipline trainer and parent coach and host of the Joyful Courage Podcast. When Casey and I talked about sharing favorite episodes on one another’s feeds, I knew just which one I wanted to bring to you.

It’s a powerful, vulnerable conversation between Casey and her daughter Rowan, about Rowan’s mental health challenges with anxiety and depression. I remember I first heard this episode when my son Ryan was going through a hard time in high school. Listening to Rowan’s courage and self-reflection gave me so much empathy and insight. And listening to Casey’s humility and honesty about the challenges of navigating her daughter’s challenges, invited me to reflect on how I could be supportive to Ryan during his. In fact, we listened to part of it together and it opened channels of communication in a beautiful way.

I hope you get as much as I did from this conversation and when you’re done, that you download Joyful Courage on your favorite podcast app so you can check out Casey’s other incredible episodes.

Much appreciation,
Julie Neale


My guest today is Rowan O’Roarty.

Rowan is my oldest child, she will be 18 in January, and one of my biggest teachers of personal growth. As we all do, we learn who we are as parents, through our relationships with our children. Rowan made me a mom, and continues to influence who I am in the world as I navigate what it means to mother her.
Rowan has been through her own journey of personal discovery over the past few years, maneuvering mental health challenges, dropping out of school, completing her GED, and stepping in to big responsibility while her dad and I were gone for 2 months going through my husband's cancer treatment.
I am honored that she is willing to come share herself and her journey so candidly with you all today.

Takeaways from the show:

  • Where the anxiety started
  • When Rowan became aware of her anxiety
  • Things we did that helped Rowan cope with depression and anxiety
  • Panic attacks 
  • Navigating anxiety attacks and how parents can be supportive
  • What depression feels like
  • Things parents can do that are helpful to their teen’s mental health
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Realizing only YOU can change your experience
  • What Rowan has learned about herself these past few years
  • Mental health and high school
  • Rowan’s freshman year
  • Opting into online school
  • Dropping out of school and gaining parent’s support
  • The GED test
  • Plans for the future


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