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Creating a "Mixed Culture" magazine with half-Indian, half-White, Anita Sengupta, Ep. 49

Multiracial Family Man

Release Date: 01/24/2016

Ep. 49: Anita Sengupta has a Bengali Indian father and a White mother.  She grew up in the Midwest, in Cincinnati, where she experienced the range of experience of a multiracial person (fitting in, not fitting in, being asked "what are you?).  Upon graduation from high school, she took a year off to travel and live in India, where she connected with her family and her Indian roots. When she returned, she attended and has now graduated from NYU.  And, now, she has created a fascinating, provocative and much-needed multiracial/mixed-culture magazine called Conflux (http://www.confluxmagazine.com/) with her co-editor, Ozra Yazdani, a multiracial person herself (Iranian and Malaysian), who is an avid advocate for social justice and who is a 19 year old undergraduate student at Eugene Lang College at The New School.

Listen as Alex and Anita discuss her life as a half-Indian, half-White person.  Her thoughts on multiracial experience, and the trials and tribulations of starting a print journal in today's World.

For more on host, Alex Barnett, please check out his website: www.alexbarnettcomic.com or visit him on Facebook (www.facebook.com/alexbarnettcomic) or on Twitter at @barnettcomic

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