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Multicultural culinary travel with Krystal Kamenides & Mark Anthony Ramirez, Ep. 203

Multiracial Family Man

Release Date: 01/13/2019

Ep. 203: Krystal Kamenides and Mark Anthony Ramirez are the paradigm of the Multiracial Community. Both are Multiracial and together they are a Multiracial couple.  As such, and because they are comics, they have a very interesting and unique perspective on race, racism, and the role of Multiracial people in fostering dialogue and action on issues of bias, racism, discrimination and prejudice.  And, they've both been on this podcast before separately - (Mark) & (Krystal) and together (Mark & Krystal)

Now, they're embarking upon a new project - a travel and food show entitled Mark & Krystal Love To Eat, in which they will travel the country checking out new eateries and connecting with people over a meal and shared culinary habits.  With their multicultural and multiracial backgrounds, their hilarious wits, and their great charm and charisma, the show is sure to be a huge hit.  So take a listen as they talk about how they came up with this idea and their goals and aspirations for it.

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