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Third eye activation, X-Ray vision and Self-awakening with Zarathustra #231

My Seven Chakras

Release Date: 10/30/2017

Zarathustra is an internationally known spiritual teacher and a 5th Dimensional Quantum Healer. He travels the globe sharing his deep knowledge on subjects such as third eye activation, shamanic healing, psychic surgery and how to find your inner peace through raising your vibration to the 5th dimension.

After years of seeking and visiting many spiritual masters and healers, Zarathustra came to the realization of “that which we seek resides in our own hearts”.

He has created a unique blend of teachings from east and west and is able to transmit his understanding of the absolute to his audience.

Zarathustra has helped thousands of people from all over the world in removing the obstacles that prevent them from experiencing inner peace, inner silence and self-love and reintroducing them to their “true selves” at a soul level.

For the show notes? Visit www.mysevenchakras.com/231

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