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Is India ready to host the Olympics? with Aman Shah

The Council by Nation of Sport

Release Date: 11/29/2018

The Council discusses if India is ready to host the Olympics.

Aman gives us an objective view of why India should “seriously consider bidding” to host the Olympics, what is India’s greatest strength as a host and why the “40 gold medals” is an unreasonable ask.

Some of the points we touch upon:

  • Broadening the base of active players so that the pyramid of elite Indian athletes goes higher.
  • Should India host the 2032 Olympics?
  • What is India’s biggest strength in hosting international sports events?
  • Why the logic behind “40 gold medals” is flawed.
  • What does India need to do to have a strong case to host for the Olympics?
  • What needs to improve for our athletes to perform better?
  • Why hosting the Paralympics would mean a lot for India.