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Being an international football fan in India with Karn Rateria

The Council by Nation of Sport

Release Date: 12/06/2018

Today’s guest, Karn Rateria, has worked in sports and entertainment for 10 years. After stints at Red Chillies, Submerge and Mumbai City FC, he now runs a sports experience company called Beanstalk. By his own admission, however, his professional life is a mere fraction of his identity. One of the more vocal supporters of the club, he was, is, and will remain a diehard Manchester United fan.

In today’s podcast, Karn, sits with The Council to talk about how he first fell in love with Manchester United, why there is more to the team’s supporters club in India than meets the eye, and the time legendary sportscaster, John Dykes, shouldered him with the responsibility to calm down thousands of maniacal Manchester United fans.