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The unprecedented rise and future of sports broadcasting in India with Prashant Khanna

The Council by Nation of Sport

Release Date: 12/13/2018

Prashant Khanna is a media professional with over a decade of experience in the media industry. In addition to having worked for nearly all of the biggest networks globally and in India, he also carries a double major in sports management from the Cruyff Institute and holds a coaching license from the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF).

In today’s episode, Prashant, talks about his journey from managing ‘tape monkeys’ to now heading broadcast technology at India’s largest sports media network. He helps slow down and make sense of the blinding speed at which sports broadcasting is growing in India. The episode is gripping right from the start, giving NoS readers and viewers deeper insight into the reason behind the evolution of sports broadcasting in India.

Some of the points we touch upon:

  • India is yet to become a Nation of Sport, we are still essentially a one sport country.
  • Two things moving us towards becoming a Nation of Sport - Grassroots and Broadcast enabling wider viewership
  • Who are tape monkeys and how they allowed Indian audiences watch television.
  • How cheaper & better technology, and surprisingly large investments helped broadcast in India.
  • Commentary in regional languages, and localised marketing.
  • Different feeds for different viewers.
  • From watching one sport at a time, to watching many; Is that a good thing for Indian sport?
  • OTT becoming a second screen experience.
  • Sports broadcasting isn't as simple as picking up the rights and broadcasting.
  • 80% of Indian homes are still single TV homes; this makes scheduling both a priority and a challenge.
  • One sport channel in every household - how can we cater to every house so tha kids can emulate their heros.
  • Two things that would propel us towards becoming a Nation of Sport: broadcasting grassroots, school, and colleges level games; building an ecosystem