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Defense Matters - Ep. 003: Dr. Cynthia Watson and Dr. Phillip Sanders on China, Their Military Reforms, and Power Projection

Defense Matters

Release Date: 06/28/2017

Dr. Cynthia Watson of the National War College and Dr. Phillip Sanders of the Institute for National Strategic Studies on China, Their Military Reforms, and Power Projection.  They discuss the advantages and disadvantages the Chinese military has in comparison to the military of the United States including political and economic pressures. They also discuss current situations such as a nuclear North Korea and the South China Sea in which China is a major player. Both experts also touch on China's future politically, their military reform initiatives, and their economic dependence on the United States. 

Defense Matters is produced by the National Defense University Foundation Inc. The National Defense University Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non profit organization with the mission of raising awareness and funds in support of the mission and scholarship of the National Defense University.


Links for Mentioned Publications:

The Paradox of Power: Sino-American Strategic Restraint in an Age of Vulnerability


PLA Influence on China's National Security Policymaking



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