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DOUBLE CLOSING: Unleash a Real Estate Wholesaling GOLDMINE!


Release Date: 07/30/2023

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Are you a real estate wholesaler looking to skyrocket your profits? 

Well, get ready because we're about to unveil a game-changing strategy that can take your wholesaling business to new heights. 

But quickly... Let's talk about 'Double Closing: A Real Estate Wholesaling Strategy That Works'!






Today, we're diving deep into the world of double closings—a powerful technique that can help you close real estate deals like a pro.

But wait, what exactly is double closing? Let's break it down. 

Double closing is when a real estate wholesaler purchases a property from a seller and immediately resells it to an end buyer, often within a matter of minutes.

So there are two sides of the transaction; Side A and Side B.

Side A is the side of the transaction that transfers title from the seller to you as the wholesaler.  While Side B is the side of the transaction that transfers title from you, the wholesaler, to the end buyer.

This means you can earn a profit on the deal without even taking long term ownership of the property or paying any closing costs. How amazing is that?

Now, before you get too excited, let's talk about the risks. Double closing is not without its challenges. If the end buyer backs out, you could find yourself stuck with the property or what we call the equitable right that you can't cash out on.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Our coaching program will show you how to protect yourself and navigate the complexities of double closings.

To ensure a smooth transaction, it's crucial to involve experienced professionals, like a real estate attorney and title agent, who understand the process inside out.

One of the most significant advantages of double closing is speed. Time is money in the real estate world, and double closings can help you close deals in just days or even hours because it's typically all-cash.

Imagine turning a profit and moving on to the next deal without the usual costs and hassles of owning real estate. Double closing is a game-changer that is still understood but only a few-selected!

Let's talk benefits! Quicker closings, increased profits, and reduced risk—these are just a few of the perks you can enjoy with double closings.

But remember, success lies in the details. Let's walk through the five essential steps of a double closing: find a motivated seller, negotiate a purchase price, get the property under contract, find an end buyer, and close the deal with both parties.

Now, we hear you! You're probably wondering about the potential risks. But fear not, with our expert guidance, you'll be equipped to tackle any challenges that may come your way.

To ensure smooth sailing, we've got four crucial tips for your first double closing: research, find a reliable real estate attorney, transparent communication, and always be prepared to walk away if the deal doesn't align with your goals.

And here's the exciting part! We're offering a comprehensive masterclass at www.SmartRealEstateWholesaling.com to help you master the art of double closings and take your real estate wholesaling to a whole new level.  In fact, you get 3 free books as soon as you register for the class.  

Are you ready to revolutionize your wholesaling business? Join our masterclass and gain access to step-by-step guidance and valuable resources on double closings.

Don't miss this golden opportunity! Click the link in the description or around this video to learn more and secure your spot in our exclusive masterclass at www.smartrealestatewholesaling.com 

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Until next time, happy wholesaling!