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#26 Interview with Dr. Randy Johns

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Release Date: 12/05/2017

Dr. Brad Watts interviews Dr. Randy Johns on his story, and what it took to become an expert in his fields of nutrition and chiropractic. From ostrich farming to healing people to writing books, Dr. Johns has a good story to tell. You will also learn about many of his clinical conclusions and how they have worked for his patients.

Dr. Johns’ website: http://www.happyhealthythin.com/
STC oil website: http://sctoil.com/
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The genesis of Dr. John’s website [00:45]
Some information on his website and what it does [8:45]
Learning about SCT oil [14:45]
Sugar burning vs fat burning [25:00]

Stiff joints on a cellular level [31:45]