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#44 A Conversation with Dr. Caitlin Czezowski

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Release Date: 07/26/2018

Episode #68 - Fixing Broken Genes: An Interview with Dr. Ben Lynch show art Episode #68 - Fixing Broken Genes: An Interview with Dr. Ben Lynch

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Author of best selling book, Dirty Genes, Dr. Ben Lynch sits down with Dr. Brad Watts to talk about genetics & nutrition on this episode of Nutrition Hero. 

Episode #67 - Timing Is Everything show art Episode #67 - Timing Is Everything

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Join Dr Watts today as he lays out the 2020 challenge...push-ups? In this episode he encourages you to recommit to discovering the limits of your own ability to heal in order to connect with patients and ultimately improve a secret skill of top FM clinicians: timing!

Episode #66 - Creating Confidence In 2020 show art Episode #66 - Creating Confidence In 2020

Nutrition Hero Podcast

The last episode of the year for Nutrition Hero focuses on creating confidence in your patients for 2020. Best practices and new research to help keep you on the cutting edge of functional medicine heading into the new year. 

Episode #65 - Dr. Jannine Krause show art Episode #65 - Dr. Jannine Krause

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Doc J is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist who specializes in anti-aging medicine by helping her patients enhance their health and reverse the signs of aging by focusing on nutrition, mobility and stress reduction. When not in the office she can be found trolling pinterest for new recipes, whipping up something delicious in her kitchen, or on an adventure paddle boarding or biking with her husband and fur baby, Bear! Visit her website at https://doctorjkrausend.com/

Episode #64 - Fatty Liver Disease show art Episode #64 - Fatty Liver Disease

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Tis the season to stuff our bellies, which brings along the risk of Fatty Liver Disease. Obesity & Diabetes tend to partner with this very common disease that faces middle-aged Americans. If left untreated could require a liver transplant to rectify. Dr. Brad Watts talks turkey on this episode as he gives you a full breakdown of Fatty Liver Disease. He'll explain how to identify it in patients and the best practices for helping keep Fatty Liver Disease under control. Dr. Watts has put all the fixings into this episode for a full serving of Fatty Liver Disease knowledge.

All About Biotoxin with Dr. Heather Credeur DC show art All About Biotoxin with Dr. Heather Credeur DC

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Dr. Credeur talks with Dr. Watts about one of biggest topics in nutrition today, Biotoxins!

#62 - Death by Lil' Bit show art #62 - Death by Lil' Bit

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Dr. Brad Watts throws on his favorite costume and prepares you for the "cheat" season. Starting with Halloween until the end of the year is a bunch of opportunities to "cheat" on your nutrition. Just a piece of candy here, or an extra helping there, can toss all your hard work down the drain. 

Episode #61 - Sierra Cullen: A Patient's Perspective On Healthcare show art Episode #61 - Sierra Cullen: A Patient's Perspective On Healthcare

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Join Dr. B as he hosts the great and powerful Sierra Cullen! In this episode they walk through her experience as a patient in today's healthcare system; from the mire and struggle to dominating her circumstances, Sierra identifies root causes MOST PATIENTS WON'T TALK ABOUT and how they can be a major key to helping them move forward. 

Episode #60 - The Copper-Iron Connection show art Episode #60 - The Copper-Iron Connection

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Copper and Iron are the stars this week. Learn how copper and iron work together to promote great function.... or secretly destroy our life. Dr. Watts talks about how this connection can play a role in everything from Anemia to Alzheimer's.

Episode #59 - Hitting Blueberry Status show art Episode #59 - Hitting Blueberry Status

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Dr Brad Watts talks about the latest science that has started to take shape looking at the relationship between Calories and Antioxidants when it comes to preventing disease. Dr. Watts goes deep on this and uncovers some great nuggets of information for you.

More Episodes

This week, Dr. Brad Watts interviews Dr. Caitlin Czezowski, D.C., CACCP, who regularly focuses on helping patients struggling with diabetes.. As she continues her education, she is incorporating functional medicine more into her practice. If you’re local to Bellevue, WA, you can find her at the Functional Health Center of Bellevue.

Nutrition as a Cause of Subluxation [6:45]

Troubleshooting Weight Gain -- Leaky Gut [8:05]

Empathy and Patient Care [11:00]

Encountering unrealistic expectations [13:05]

Dr. Czezowski on weight loss [15:00]

Functional Medicine [18:30]

Patient Responses on Diabetes [19:15]

Cellular Inflammation [20:05]

Continuing Education [22:35]

Listening to Patients / Communicating [25:00]

Dr. Czezowski’s Podcast -- Women N Wellness [32:00]

Up-and-coming Healthcare: Holistic Dentistry [36:25]

IAOMT Summit – Functional Healthcare Movement [37:40]

Cognitive Decline [43:30]

Alzheimer’s Discussion [45:30]

Cancer Talk [48:15]

The Niche of Genetics and Snips [49:30]

DNA Exploration & Research [51:00]

NF Kappa Beta Webinar [54:00]






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