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#46 PCOS with Robin Nielsen, CNC

Nutrition Hero Podcast

Release Date: 08/31/2018

Dr. Watts discusses PCOS–polycystic ovary syndrome– with Robin Nielsen, CNC. Listen in to uncover awareness and ways to achieve balance again by living with PCOS.

Expert Secrets http://bit.ly/GRAB-YOUR-BOOK

Natural Solutions for PCOS Summit: http://bit.ly/2w9FByv

  • [02:00] PCOS Introduction
  • [09:00] Metabolism and Hormone Imbalances
  • [16:00] Nutrition and Awareness
  • [19:00] Overexercising and Undereating
  • [20:45] PCOS Patients and Sleep Habits
  • [25:00] Robin's 4th Conference
  • [27:30] Closing Thoughts