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POF13: Growing Grateful Kids with Julie Boyer

Parenting Our Future

Release Date: 10/08/2019

Getting Your Kids to Help Out | POF115 show art Getting Your Kids to Help Out | POF115

Parenting Our Future

I can’t name one parent I’ve talked to, that doesn’t feel the weight of all the things once they have kids! I also don’t know any parents that wish their kids would help out LESS! HA!! I’m excited to introduce you to my guest, parenting expert, JoAnn Crohn, who has cracked the cooperation code and is showing us how to get our kids to help out more!

Healthy Standards and Boundaries | POF114 show art Healthy Standards and Boundaries | POF114

Parenting Our Future

What is the difference between a standard and a boundary anyway? Well, my guest Bridget Richard is helping us understand the difference so we can live our lives with more authenticity and peace! In short, she says that a standard is a “start behavior” that is based on your wants and needs and a boundary is a “stop behavior” based on controlling the other person.

Creating Intimacy in Your Relationship | POF113 show art Creating Intimacy in Your Relationship | POF113

Parenting Our Future

Yup...I’m doing it, I’m talking about intimacy and sex in this episode! Let’s face it, isn’t our relationship with our spouses one of the first things to suffer when we have kids? I know mine has in the past, and my husband and I now make it a priority to spend time together.

How to Get into America’s Top Colleges with Dr Shirag Shemmassian | POF112 show art How to Get into America’s Top Colleges with Dr Shirag Shemmassian | POF112

Parenting Our Future

We all want the best for our kids and having a great education is part of that. How often have you thought about your chid’s education after high school? If you want them to get into a good college, when should you start thinking about it?

Determined to Be Dad | POF111 show art Determined to Be Dad | POF111

Parenting Our Future

I honour all families no matter how they come together. This week, I’m talking with Steve Disslehorst who, as a gay man, wanted to expand his family to become a dad. He is now the proud dad of two kids...but the journey was less than easy.

Building the Skills Your Kids Need to Love Learning | POF110 show art Building the Skills Your Kids Need to Love Learning | POF110

Parenting Our Future

We all want our kids to do well in school, but we don’t really teach them how...Like how to work through assignments, manage time, study properly, set goals, etc.

Tricky Behaviors: Managing Challenging Behaviors with Andrew Fuller |POF109 show art Tricky Behaviors: Managing Challenging Behaviors with Andrew Fuller |POF109

Parenting Our Future

“Tricky behavior” can often be challenging and confronting for parents, these children are the ones that are often incredibly gifted academically or creatively and frequently grow up to be the movers and shakers of the world. Passive resistance, competitive, manipulative, aggressive, moody or argumentative traits can often disguise anxieties and stresses that children cannot articulate. 

Instagram Safety with Instagram’s Head of Safety and Wellbeing | POF108 show art Instagram Safety with Instagram’s Head of Safety and Wellbeing | POF108

Parenting Our Future

On July 27th Instagram announced that they are creating an experience that’s safe and private for young people (age 13-16).  This is good news for parents who worry about their children’s activity on the app.  

Hugo and the Impossible Thing with Actress, Renée Felice Smith | POF107 show art Hugo and the Impossible Thing with Actress, Renée Felice Smith | POF107

Parenting Our Future

I’m so happy to be speaking with Hollywood actress, from NCIS LA, Renee Felice Smith!  In this episode we are talking about FUR BABIES!  Renee has written the sweetest book about her late Frenchie, Hugo, called Hugo and The Impossible Thing.  In the book she shares a heartwarming story of how to conquer big challenges in your life! This book will be a favorite for your kiddos!!

Redefining Financial Literacy (without making your head spin!) | POF106 show art Redefining Financial Literacy (without making your head spin!) | POF106

Parenting Our Future

Did you know that the U.S. ranks 14th globally in Financial literacy and rates only 57% of adults as having financial literacy?  When we look at stats that show us that more than half of adults are financially anxious and four out of five youths fail financial literacy quizzes, we NEED HELP! 

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How many times have you thought “my kid doesn’t appreciate anything I do!”  Teaching gratitude is something we have to teach our kids but it’s also something we have to model because we all know our kids don’t do what we say, they do what we do!   Julie Boyer, Gratitude Guru, shares some simple, age-appropriate ways to cultivate gratitude in your life and how to teach it to your kids!  Why should you care?  Because living in gratitude makes you feel more joyful, connected and present!  We all need more of that, don’t you think?


About Julie Boyer

Julie Boyer is three-time Amazon Best Selling Author, four-time (serial) entrepreneur and a three-time Ironman finisher. As a woman who has practiced gratitude for more than a decade, she is the founder of Wake Up With Gratitude™. This most recent business was born after she survived a week-long coma due to a bacterial infection after her (second) miscarriage. That life-threatening experience taught her that every single day is a gift. Julie currently lives on Vancouver Island, where she balances several home-based businesses while homeschooling her 8-year-old daughter. Her mission is to inspire you to ‘Wake Up With Gratitude™’ … every day! 

Web: wakeupwithgratitude.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/julieboyer                               

Instagram: www.instagram.com/juliecmboyer

Email: [email protected]


From the Podcast:

Julie’s 11 simple ways to practice gratitude daily

  1. Wake up with gratitude
  2. Write down three specific things you are grateful for today, before bed
  3. Notice the abundance that surrounds you and all sources of income, big or small
  4. When faced with a challenge, stop and ask yourself, “what am I grateful for right now?”
  5. Read and inspirational or self-development book for 15 minutes
  6. Every time you pass a mirror, give thanks to your body for being miraculous
  7. Use prayer or meditation to give thanks and to create your amazing life
  8. Clear the clutter and create space in your life to attract more things to be grateful for
  9. Send gratitude and thank you cards weekly
  10. Celebrate other people’s successes
  11. Become a gratitude ambassador and inspire others to practice gratitude daily

For the full article, go to: https://wakeupwithgratitude.com/blogs/gratitude/11-simple-ways-to-practice-gratitude-daily

Get your weekly Gratitude Love Letter here: http://eepurl.com/diDMKT

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