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Blogworld NYC - I am speaking

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Release Date: 05/12/2011

I will be speaking on two panels at Blogworld NYC on May 25th.  




Above link takes you to both sessions.  One is at 2:30 PM on the 25th and it deals with Advertising for Podcasters.  


The other one is at 3:45 PM on the 25th and it has to do with getting an App built for your podcast.  


I am looking forward to attending blogworld again and seeing a lot of the old time podcasters.  John Wall from Marketing Over Coffee (and the M-Show) will be there as will CC Chapman.  Paul Colligan who I used to do Today in Podcasting with is organizing the tracks for podcasting this year.  Chris Penn, Jason Van Orden, Andrew Baron, Cliff Ravenscraft and David Prager are all going to be there and presenting as well.  


If you are going to be there please make sure to contact me and let me know or at least drop by the sessions I am speaking at.