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Movie Special - Power Rangers (2017)

Pop Addled
Released on Apr 3, 2017

In 1993 "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" took American children's television by storm with exaggerated kung-fu hand motions, roundhouse kicks, godzilla-esque low budget monsters, and Voltron rip off "Zords" which when combined together created the almighty "Megazord". After 24 years, a couple of crappy movies (95, 97), and numerous iterations of the TV show, we arrive at present day with a big budget blockbuster Power Rangers movie. Apologies because Sam was unavailable for this episode. Also apologies for a slight echo and Timmy and Keenan were testing out a new mic so the volume varies a bit.....I swear we are professionals. Rate, review, and enjoy!



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Intro/outro music: "Mikey Was the Best" by Atheist featuring Diggabeatz, from the album "Thanks for the Burgers”  -