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Fashion Runway Crashers, Victoria's Secret, Dealing with Burnout

Pop Fashion

Release Date: 04/16/2015

Welcome to another edition of Pop Fashion podcast! This week Lisa starts the show with a very important PSA. In fashion hot topics, Nasty Gal isn't growing as fast as a certain #girlboss would like (but Warby Parker is making HOW MUCH per square foot?), a disgruntled neighbor crashed Australian fashion week, and Victoria's Secret launched a design schedule that is more in line with its fast fashion competitors. Also, is the tween market a viable business or are companies like Justice segmenting their audience too much to be profitable? American Apparel is in the news again regarding their new advertising campaign and because one of their shirts was (allegedly) copied by a luxury apparel company. 


Our main topic for this week is burnout! Are you suffering from burnout? Lisa and Kaarin explore the definition of burnout, explain the warning signs, and disclose personal stories about times they have experienced the stress monster known as burnout. 


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