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Fashion Magazine Highs & Lows, Limited Too Returns, How We Speak

Pop Fashion

Release Date: 07/30/2015

Welcome to Pop Fashion Podcast! This week in hot topics - Rebekka Bay lands a job at Everlane, Limited Too plans to dominate the tween fashion market, and Women’s Running magazine delivers a fantastic cover. In other magazine news, rumors abound that Details and Self magazines are over (but independent style mags are making bank). Also, persons with disabilities may soon have more clothing options (about time!) and we deliver some heartbreaking / frustrating news about child labor in India. 


Our main topic is about the way we speak! We take on the recent NPR story, “From Upspeak to Vocal Fry: Are We Policing Young Women’s Voices?” What’s the connection between our voices and business? Is it generational? And, should women try to train themselves to speak differently? Come hang out! 


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