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Becoming the Voice of Today’s Pretty Powerful Woman

The Pretty Powerful Woman Podcast

Release Date: 11/24/2021

Welcome to the first episode of The Pretty Powerful Woman Podcast! I’m so excited to share my story and my heart with you. In this episode, I’ll be telling you more about my story and how I overcame my fears to become the professional and speaker I am today. 


An important part of my story is that as a pharmacist, I thought I had to fit a certain mold to be taken seriously in my industry. When I would give talks to my peers in the pharmacy world, I wouldn’t dress like myself and really dulled my own energy to make sure that people were listening to what I was saying. But after really embracing my whole self, I made more connections and realized that my story had weight and power because of who I am, not in spite of who I am.


We all have a powerful speaker inside. And that's just what my mission is with this podcast. Every week you get to have a look into the lives of everyday people like you and me to hear the ups and downs of life. I hope this helps you see the beauty of being uniquely you and the power of how our stories connect us.


You're also going to learn how to really find your voice and claim your space in this world to stem boldly into your spotlight and constantly speak with passion, love, and conviction because you are your own best spokesperson. And your story is your secret weapon. 


Ready to take your speaking style to the next level? Let’s work together!

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