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Exploring Art of the Possible with Dr Joe Dituri

Pushing The Limits

Release Date: 01/13/2022

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Pushing The Limits

In this week episode Lisa interviews world renown stem cell scientist Dr Christian Drapeau on the power of stem cells to heal the body and how we can mobilise many more of these stems cells from our bone marrow through the use of specific botanicals that have been clinically shown to do just that and how people suffering from a myriad of disease all have one thing in common and that is low circulating levels of stem cells.   We dive into the fascinating world of stem cell science and you will learn:           * The types of stem cells there are...

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This week on "Pushing the Limit” Dr. Daniel Weber is internationally renowned as an informative and passionate speaker, traveling extensively lecturing on modern botanical medicine, psycho physical diseases, microbiome and its spectrum of diseases as well as cancer. Dr Weber has nearly 50 years experience across a wide variety of fields including  Chinese Medicine Integrated Oncology Herbal Medicine CEO of Panaxea™ International, Autoimmune diseases Botanical oncology isolates Dr Weber is a deep thinker, a master, philosopher, pioneer, artist and this discussion dives...

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This week on "Pushing the Limits" Lisa interviews the CEO of DONOTAGE an inspiring longevity focused company that has a community of over 100,000 people all not wanting to age before they have to.    What you learn in this episode   What is the difference between biological age and calendar age and how can we test for this? What are the most common practices you see the public doing that accelerates ageing? How do sirtuins play a role in longevity? What are some of the best longevity and anti-aging compounds we have access to. What's happening at the cutting edge of...

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In this weeks episode LIsa interviews Dr Greg Brown a medical doctor and hyperbaric specialist and medical director of Wellington Hyperbarics.   Dr Greg shares his insights on this incredible therapy following on our series on hyperbaric oxygen therapy with  and  previously.   Lisa has also now opened her own hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic In Oakura, New Plymouth and you contact  to get on a discovery call to see if this is appropriate for you.   Here are some of the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and discussion points in this...

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This week I have the indomitable Nathalie Niddam, holistic nutritionist and expert on peptides and bioregulators (what are those I hear you say tune in to find out) - Truly excited about this anti-aging field of medicine and the power it holds for us to turn back back the clock.   We dive in to the various classes of peptides  The difference between peptides and protein and bioregulators  The effects of these on the body and how the peptides work differently than bioregulators. How to lose weight using peptides How to boost mitochondrial biogenesis and repair mitochondrial How...

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In this weeks episode we go down the rabbit hole of molecular hydrogen water with Alex Tarnava founder of    HYDROGEN WATER BENEFITS SIMPLIFIED Molecular hydrogen tablets are one of the most promising preventative aging supplements on the market. With over 1500 publications on potential hydrogen water benefits in 170 disease models throughout every organ, H2 tablets have been shown to indirectly mitigate the damages of the Big 3—those nasty three issues that lead to virtually all diseases and are the driving forces in why we get older and die: Imbalances of our oxidative stress,...

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In this weeks episode of "Pushing the Limits" we dive again into the exciting world of photobiomodulation, otherwise known as Red Light Therapy with the wonderful Dr Zulia Frost of Recharge Health.   Dr Frost is a medical doctor who experienced a terrible accident and was left facing a life in a wheelchair and debilitating pain. Pain medications couldn't touch the sides of the suffering she was experiencing so she turned to Red Light Therapy and other modalities to heal herself. She shares her journey back to health and shares her deep knowledge on this exciting field of research and...

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This week I have my very good friend and world renown cellular health expert, longevity specialist and orthopedic surgeon Dr Elizabeth Yurth  (MD, ABPMR, ABAARM, FAARM, FAARFM, FSSRP) of the Boulder Longevity Institute to guest.   Locked away in a vault somewhere deep inside the Boulder Longevity Institute lies the secret everyone wishes they could get their hands on – the supplement routine of Dr. Elizabeth Yurth. As Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of BLI, clients and non-clients alike long to know what perfect blend of supplementation Dr. Yurth uses. Someone in this position...

Urolithin A - A fountain of youth?  With Dr Emily Werner show art Urolithin A - A fountain of youth? With Dr Emily Werner

Pushing The Limits

In this weeks episode Lisa interviews Dr Emily Werner nutritionist to the Philadelphia NBA Basketball team and consultant for Timeline Nutrition who produced Mitopure which contains a super excited molecule that you need to know about if you are into anti-aging   One of the hallmarks of aging and at the base of much disease is the dysfunction of mitochondria, the little powerhouses in our cells that literally produce the energy we need to live. As we age or after stresses like viruses, too much exercise, toxins etc we get more dysfunctioning mitochondria and this leads to fatigue,...

More Episodes

So much about the world remains unknown. What lies in the ocean’s depths, the composition of outer space, life after COVID — these are all questions yet to be answered. However, we can discover different solutions for many unresolved problems using critical thinking. We need to stop looking for answers today and look forward; we need to seek the art of the possible.

In this episode, Dr Joe Dituri draws from his research and experience to discuss hyperbaric oxygen therapy, space travel, and the right approach to battling COVID. One might think that it takes an advanced academic degree to tackle these concerns and mysteries. However, in the episode, we’ll learn that qualifications aren’t all there is to it. Finally, he shares how research and studying can unlock doors to a whole world of possibilities.

Tune in if you want to learn more about harnessing the art of the possible. 


Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and oxygen toxicity.
  2. Hear Dr Joe’s opinion on how we can solve the current COVID situation and why the research and doctoral approach just won’t cut it. 
  3. Learn about the importance of diversity of thought and the art of the possible.


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Episode Highlights

[03:03] Dr Joe’s Background

  • Dr Joe did so poorly in his studies that he had no choice but to join the Navy.
  • He has poor vision due to congenital ocular albinism. However, refusing to wear glasses impeded his learning potential.
  • While his mother taught him his work ethic, the Navy taught him discipline.
  • After finding out his learning method, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and became a Navy Special Operations Officer.

[11:22] Becoming a Navy Commander

  • Dr Joe trained to walk on the ocean floor more than swim
  •  during his time as a Navy diver.
  • He became a great diver and started writing papers after expanding his diving knowledge.
  • His papers and diving expertise resulted in him receiving a promotion as the officer-in-charge of the Deep Submergence Unit.
  • Upon building a dry combat submersible and bending a few rules, they came up with organisation state rules for the American Bureau of Shipping.

[18:25] Life After the Navy

  • After finishing 28 years in the Navy, Dr Joe decided to write a paper on the ketogenic diet.
  • There was a hypothesis that using a ketogenic diet could stave off epileptic seizures on one side. Joe wondered if it would work for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Then, he decided to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering to write the paper.
  • After writing the paper, Dr Dom D’Agostino invited Joe to work in his laboratory and write a few chapters on a book together.

[23:19] Combating Oxygen Toxicity

  • When you’re diving, seizure won’t kill you; drowning will.
  • Joe’s PhD was about designing an early warning detection system for when the autonomic nervous system is stressed.
  • They also redesigned the current spacesuit.

[30:36] What Extreme Diving Is Like

  • If there’s a leak in your suit at 810 PSI, it would cut you in half and fuse you.
  • With extreme diving, he needed to be calm about his potential death. The fear encouraged more careful measures.
  • Being in charge of the detachment meant Joe carried a significant responsibility on his shoulders.
  • Coming to terms with that responsibility, he devised a robust training plan and surrounded himself with people to help him execute it.

[34:58] His Diving Experience

  • They did a scientific expedition on the Britannic to learn why it sank.
  • The black coral dive was the most dangerous dive he's performed. The swinging of the hammer in the water takes so much energy, and it attracts sharks.
  • Your body has compensatory mechanisms that allow you to dive as deep as 2,000 feet underwater.
  • They're looking to break the record by living in an aquatic environment for 100 days. This endeavour also serves as survival training in extreme conditions.
  • Everything we need to survive is on this planet we just need to look in new places.

[48:05] The Art of the Possible

  • We’re all just trying to figure out what we’re supposed to do.
  • It's not about what is state of the art. Instead, consider the art of the possible. Always keep your eyes ahead.

[54:53] The COVID Situation

  • Viruses will kill people.
  • We need a common-sense approach rooted in a combination of politics, medicine, and business rather than just a blanket doctoral approach.
  • Shaming and blaming are fear tactics used during the vaccination period.
  • Rather than pointing fingers, it’s more important to find a solution to the problem.

[1:00:32] What He’s Currently Doing

  • He's working at the Undersea Oxygen Clinic, where they're doing clinical research and a wide variety of treatments.
  • Medicare doesn’t hold all the answers; we could refer to the HMO since they have good interests at heart.
  • Tune in to the full episode to find out his studies on post-COVID patients and why sometimes the research itself is the wrong attitude!

[1:12:52] Degree vs. Diversity of Thought

  • You can’t expect everything to work right away.
  • Degrees and titles mean nothing compared to the ability to think outside the box. The art of the possible requires looking ahead.
  • In the U.S., some legislations grant patients with a terminal diagnosis the right to dictate their own cure.


7 Powerful Quotes

‘There’s enough problems that can kill you, and the ocean will happily and gleefully kill you without blinking an eye. It won’t even recognise that you’re there, so… you actually have to give it a good dose of respect.’


‘... everything that we need on this planet exists on this planet to survive.’


'It's not about the state of the art; it's about the art of the possible. Because the state of the art is yesterday and right now. The art of the possible is way the hell out there.'


'I firmly believe that [the solution to COVID] needs to be rooted not in politics. Not in medicine, but in a combination of politics and medicine and business and acumen.'


‘People will do everything, and then do hyperbarics. Then they go, ‘Hyperbarics didn’t work.’ Well, yeah, because you waited until the end to try it. If you had done it, it might have helped earlier.’


‘...what degree you have, what title you put before your name, what title you put after your name, it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. If you are a person that can think outside the box, I’d much rather have you in my corner.’


'If you are supposedly at the end of life and have been given a terminal diagnosis and I'm going to die if I do things the way you want to do, then why do you care?'


About Dr Joe

Dr Joe Dituri is a retired Navy Commander and a consultant for the International Board of Undersea Medicine. He’s currently the President of the Undersea Oxygen Clinic and the CEO of the Association for Marine Exploration.


He earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina, a Master's degree in Astronautical Engineering from Naval Post Graduate School, and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of South Florida. Enlisting in the U.S. Navy in 1985, he was commissioned in Special Operations and became Officer-in-Charge Deep Submergence Unit (DSU) Diving Systems Detachment (DSD). He also won several awards during his service.


Joe has written numerous diver-training manuals, co-authored “Tao of Survival Underwater”, contributed to Hyperbaric Medical Practice (4th edition) and the Navy Diving Manual, and has been published in several journals. Currently, he is interested in writing books, skydiving, and being a civilian astronaut. 

Learn more about Dr Joe's work, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, on his website

You can also connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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