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Episode 3: Queens Quest: Who Do You Think You Are?!

Queens Quest: Who Do You Think You Are?!

Release Date: 02/24/2016

In today's episode we will talk about emotions and specifically, sadness. We live in a world lately that seems to be robotically hung up on the "be happy, be positive, think happy thoughts 24 hours a day and all will be rosy posey polly-wonderful...all...the...time..." Please. 

Although I have been a PollyAnna my entire life, I am also an nth degree Empath/HSP and allow myself to feel fully every emotion that is natural and a very large part of us being Spiritual beings on earth that are having a human experience. 

Today, I will debunk that myth of happy 100% of the time and shine a little light and love on the truth and gift of all our emotions. We will discuss healthy ways to process, work through and release the ones we don't want to hold or harbor for extended periods of time. The five main emotions as I will share today, come from a favorite newer family movie of mine- The Disney/Pixar movie "Inside Out". These five main emotions are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. Let's dig in ;)