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Release Date: 11/26/2020

Kinoko Origins - Ep 11: Food Chain show art Kinoko Origins - Ep 11: Food Chain

The Quest Company

Alright everyone, settle in, settle in. Today we are continuing our lecture series on the Keepers. As I’m sure you’ll recall, we last left Virgil and Jacques on the road to Amanita Town with Pandora as their chaperone. She set up a training exercise for them to try their hand at tracking, and the boys took it upon themselves to battle two large and ferocious beasts that they found in the process of attacking each other - a far cry from, well, crying at the thought of sparring with each other. Now that their adrenaline is pumping, Team Catapult has decided to try their luck looking for...

Kinoko Origins - Ep 10: Ecosystem show art Kinoko Origins - Ep 10: Ecosystem

The Quest Company

Hello everyone, please take a seat. Today we will be continuing our lecture series on the Keepers. Where we last left off, Virgil and Jacques took care of some final business before departing for Amanita Town with Pandora. Because a backpack to put your Slowpoke in is very important. The team hit the road in the Iron Chariot and stopped after a while for a little training session. While Pandora searched the area, the boys decided to do a little wild Pokémon catching, with… varying degrees of success. Now that their crying is nearly at an end, it’s time for some real on-the-job training,...

Kinoko Origins - Ep 9: Chudpack show art Kinoko Origins - Ep 9: Chudpack

The Quest Company

Hello class, please take a seat and settle in. Today we are continuing our lecture series on the Keepers. Where we last left off, Virgil and Jacques spent the night in the Keeper Fortress having wounds attended to and gearing up to leave for their next mission. Virgil began his journey into Pokeball crafting under the tutelage of Gregor, and Jacques learned that the mysterious shrine had bestowed a strange ability upon him. With the morning’s unusual occurrences allegedly at an end, the time has come for our young initiates to depart for Amanita Town with Pandora as their guardian. How else...

Kinoko Origins - Ep 8: Mental State show art Kinoko Origins - Ep 8: Mental State

The Quest Company

Hello everyone, and welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your break. Today, we are resuming our lecture series on the Keepers. If you recall, we last left off with Virgil and Jacques returning to the Keeper Fortress after a few hours of free time inexplicably became a life-altering experience. Bloodied and bruised from an encounter with some large feline Pokémon, they came across a mysterious shrine in the Shiitake Forest that left them with more questions than answers as they were confronted by phantoms of their past, present, and future. We now find our young initiates standing in the Great...

What Is Kinoko Origins? show art What Is Kinoko Origins?

The Quest Company

Check out our trailer explaining what the heck Kinoko Origins is! If you don't know, it's a spinoff of Postcards from Pearl - our main series over on Quest Company Junior! While Postcards from Pearl is set in the modern Kinoko Region, Kinoko Origins travels back 1,000 years into the past to take a look at the Keepers, wardens of the wilderness who became the Pokémon Rangers of today! The Professor of Poképology tells the story of Virgil and Jacques and their trials as initiates of the Keepers! DM: Jonah M. Jackson / Virgil: Andrew Johnson / Jacques: Joseph Leitess Music: Braxton Burks &...

VILLAGERS - Ep. 13 - Town Council show art VILLAGERS - Ep. 13 - Town Council

The Quest Company

TELEGRAMME DISPATCHE SOUTH BEND, INDIANA C/O: MSSR. COPPER, CHIEFE OF POLICE MESSAGE ENCLOSEDE: SUSPECTED HORRIDE CRIME, STOP THEFTE AND FRAUDE OF ARTE, STOP REQUESTINGE BACK-UPE, STOP REPORTE TO CHAD’S HOUSE, STOP FELICITATIONS, PAT, STOP GM: Jonah M. Jackson / Chad: Andrew Johnson / Pat: Joseph Leitess Music: Rage - American Vernacular DJ K.K. - Ben Briggs feat. Kevin Villecco The Bad Guys - Dark Fantasy Studio Despair- Kosta T Boom - Plushgoolash Try A Music - RoccoW Touching Moment - Wayne Jones Ambient music by Komiku and Additional sound design by Slappy

Quest Co Book Club - A Wizard of Earthsea show art Quest Co Book Club - A Wizard of Earthsea

The Quest Company

Hey, glad you made it! This week we read Ursula K. LeGuin’s “A Wizard of Earthsea.” Grab some tea and the comfy armchair- good timing! We’re just about to start. Music: Dark Fantasy Studio - Breath, Home, The Ocean Takes it All Starry Tides - His Life of Academic Freedom Kai Engel - Brave New World Ambient sounds by Tabletopaudio.com

VILLAGERS - Ep. 12 - Science is Fashion show art VILLAGERS - Ep. 12 - Science is Fashion

The Quest Company

Those most at risk for PTSD include people who have suffered traumatic incidents in the past…. people with poor social support… and those with a family or individual history of anxiety, depression, or a personality disorder. Traumatic events that result from intentional actions present a greater risk than impersonal disasters… Bad omens include regarding your reactions as a sign of weakness, believing (correctly or not) that others are not responding sympathetically or helpfully, fearing that it will happen again, fearing that you will break down if you think too much about it,...

BOUND - XVII - Child show art BOUND - XVII - Child

The Quest Company

It’s alright, my child. I’ll take care of it. In this episode: Growth. Acid. Gardener. DM: Joseph Leitess / Jøra: Andrew Johnson / MacGowan: Jonah M. Jackson / Najma: Brooke Muriel Ferguson Music: Aakash Gandhi- Eyes of Glory Audralic- Lost Memories Dan Bodan- Gaia in Fog Daniel Birch- Danger Drone David Hilowitz- The Bridge Horror, Dark Science Incentive- r1eCd4n1e3g1s0ySc3 I Was A Teenage Strangler- Ticking Eye Joni void- missingno Kosta T- Despair Ambient sound by TabletopAudio.com, additional sound design by payattention

VILLAGERS - Ep. 11 - Tasteful Zoom Vigil show art VILLAGERS - Ep. 11 - Tasteful Zoom Vigil

The Quest Company

Dearly beloved zoom vigil to2nite for Franklin blessings up <33 takin to soon ☹ Send your fave pics of the the big man himself to  Lets celabrete his life and rembember all the good times <333 Peace and blessengs to u all #pulloutgamestrong GM: Jonah M. Jackson / Chad: Andrew Johnson / Pat: Joseph Leitess Music: Recollections- Asher Fulero I Need to Start Writing Things Down- Chris Zabriskie My Heart Will Go On-Ergo Phizmiz American Vernacular- RAGE Meadows- Ramzoid Try A Music- RoccoW Bittersweet Waltz- Sir Cubworth Ambient music by Komiku, TabletopAudio.com, and the Youtube...

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Konflikt - Jazz at Mladost Club

Disciples of Steel - Kai Engel

Abandoned Battlefield - Pavos

Video Game Land - FoolBoy Media

Gearhead - Kevin MacLeod

PORTENTS! Theme - Joseph Cash

Night on the Town, Walk in the Park - Track Tribe

Princess - Ramzoid

Additional sound design by Slappy and Newagesoup

Ambient music by TabletopAudio.com, Joseph Cash, and Komiku