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673: Patrick Mulvaney on Ignoring People Who Tell You "No"

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Release Date: 12/05/2019

688: Justin Turner on Scaling a Scratch Kitchen show art 688: Justin Turner on Scaling a Scratch Kitchen

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

A Chicago native, Justin Turner got his start in fine dining serving for years as a private chef to NBA star Shane Battier. When Shane was traded to the Rockets, Justin followed to Houston, but when the baller moved on again, the chef stayed, converting a yellow school bus into one of Houston’s first food trucks and naming it after his grandfather: Bernie’s Burger Bus. His gourmet burgers and fries were wildly popular and led to a fleet of buses, a spot at NRG Park and now 4 brick-and-mortar restaurants. Show notes… Calls to ACTION!!! Subscribe to the Restaurant Unstoppable YouTube...

687: Steve Raggiani and Joe Scalo on Fixing the Broken Review Culture  show art 687: Steve Raggiani and Joe Scalo on Fixing the Broken Review Culture

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

What if there was a way to help us find the food we’re craving, in a no-bullshit, dead-simple, dependable manner recommended by people we actually trust? According to Steve Raggiani and Joe Scalo, there is a better way and it's called the 8it app. Show notes… Favorite success quote or mantra: "It's about the food." In today's episode with Steve Raggiani and Joe Scalo we will discuss: How deep and useful are the recommendations on 8it app? The obnoxious "old way" of finding a good place to eat in a city strictly about the food; the app specifically suggests restaurants based on food The...

686: Dave Hirschkop on Launching Your Retail Product  show art 686: Dave Hirschkop on Launching Your Retail Product

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

  Upon graduating college Dave Hirschkop opened Burrito Madness in College Park, MD. As a way to deal with unruly drunks, Dave created a hot sauce. Before long that hot sauce became Dave's main focus, and Dave's Insanity Sauce was born. Today Dave owns a website and business called Dave’s Gourmet where they sell Dave's Insanity Hot Sauce, pasta sauce, overnight oats and much more. In Today's episode, Dave shares how he spun a gourmet food business out of his restaurant and what advice he has for other restaurants looking to launch their products into stores and online retail. ...

685: Jason Harris on 6 Habits to Make You More Persuasive show art 685: Jason Harris on 6 Habits to Make You More Persuasive

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

  Jason Harris is the CEO of the award-winning creative agency Mekanism and the co-founder of the Creative Alliance. Harris works closely with brands through a blend of soul and science to create proactive campaigns that engage audiences. Today we're here to talk about his book The Soulful Art of Persuasion: 11 Habits That Will Make Anyone a Master Influencer. Check out The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey as mentioned in today's episode. Show notes… Favorite success quote or mantra: "No growth in comfort." In today's episode with Jason Harris we will discuss: Partnerships...

684: Michael Peticolas on Be Better not Bigger show art 684: Michael Peticolas on Be Better not Bigger

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

After over a decade of practicing law, Michael Peticolas left bailiffs and briefcases behind for barely and brews (at least that's what he thought) when he opened Peticolas Brewing Company in 2010. In the first year, Michael and wife, Melissa, were the sole brewers, sales reps, and distributors and they still managed to win gold at the Great American Beer Festival …and again in their third year. In 2013 Peticolas was elected to the board of directors of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. Shortly after, the board elected Peticolas as co-chair of the legislative committee, which has been integral...

683: Nir Eyal on 4 Ways to Be More Indistractable show art 683: Nir Eyal on 4 Ways to Be More Indistractable

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Since 2003, Nir Eyal has founded two tech companies and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. He is the author of the bestselling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. In addition to blogging at NirAndFar.com, Nir’s writing has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today. Show notes… Calls to ACTION!!! Subscribe to the Restaurant Unstoppable YouTube Channel...

682: Chef Andrew Savoie on Setting Your Team Up show art 682: Chef Andrew Savoie on Setting Your Team Up

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

  Chef Andrew Savoie, a native New Yorker, began his culinary journey after graduating from Baltimore International College in 1997. Eager to begin his professional training under the direction of highly regarded chefs, Andrew headed to New Orlean, Virginia, California, Maine, and back again to NYC. After a move to Dallas, Andrew spent his time inspiring tomorrow’s chefs as a Culinary Instructor at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Dallas, where he earned awards and accolades from faculty and students. Today, Savoie serves as the Chef-Owner of Resident Taqueria...

681: Nathan Ares on The Realness of Food and Labor Costs show art 681: Nathan Ares on The Realness of Food and Labor Costs

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Nathan Ares is a native of Boston, MA and was raised in Tucson, AZ where he got an early starting working in some of Tucson's most well-known restaurant establishments. After a stint working at Los Vegas' SushiSamba, Ares made the move back to Tucson to partner with Brian Morris in opening Prep and Pastry. Six years later the single location has scaled into Ares Collective which consists of 3 Prep and Pastry locations, Commoner & Co, and August Rhodes Market. All located in Arizona. Show notes… Favorite success quote or mantra: Hospitality is a big work made up of a bunch of little...

680: Aaron Chamberlin on Building Community Through Food show art 680: Aaron Chamberlin on Building Community Through Food

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Aaron Chamberlin's family has been working in the restaurant industry since the 1930’s, led first by his grandfather, who was a chef himself. Aaron credits his grandfather with having inspired him to become a chef at a very early age, and already had him cooking in the kitchen by the age of nine. A few years later, at the age of 14, he’d hold his first job in the industry. Aaron would go on to work at some of the best restaurants in the country, from New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, and in Phoenix. In the early 2000's Aaron returned to Phoenix where he joined the La...

679: Davin Waite on Zero-Waste and Plant-Based Dining show art 679: Davin Waite on Zero-Waste and Plant-Based Dining

Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In the mid-'90s after being hired at Ichiban in Santa Barbara, CA, Davin Waite made the decision to drop out of college and chase his new-found passion; food. After a few years of being mentored by local legend, Chef Hiro, Waite made the move to San Diego where he weaseled his way into the kitchen of Cafe Japengo where he further refined his skills. Six years later Waite opened his first business, The Fish Joint (which later rebranded as Pickled Ginger Catering & Events) which was followed by Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub, and The Whet Noodle all located in Oceanside, CA. For his next...

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Chef Patrick Mulvaney started his culinary career in 1985 apprenticing with renowned European chefs. Since then, he has worked in numerous restaurants throughout the country before settling in Sacramento, CA where he opened Mulvaney's B&L in 2006. In addition to leading the "farm to fork" movement in Sacramento, Mulvaney is a leading advocate for Domestic Violence, Mental Health, and Suicide Prevention.

Check out Episode 667 with Brad Cecchi as mentioned in today's episode!

Show notes…

Favorite success quote or mantra:

  • The most important thing to own in a restaurant is the attitude that allows you to ignore all the people who tell you 'no'."

In today's episode with Patrick Mulvaney we will discuss:

  • How restaurants help their communities
  • Empowering employees to take responsibility and action
  • Working with a menu that changes every day
  • Keeping your employees engaged
  • Be fulfilled in the work you do
  • The importance of pre-meal and tasting
  • Consistency
  • Succeeding within constrained limits
  • Push yourself and always be creative
  • Make people feel good with more than just good food
  • first and last impressions
  • How to live intentionally to achieve your dreams
  • Importance of vulnerability
  • Mental health in the restaurant industry
  • Catering
  • Acquiring funds
  • Suicide in the industry
  • It's ok to not be ok
  • Turning hospitality back on ourselves to be healthier and better help others

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Knowledge bombs

  1. Which "it factor" habit, trait, or characteristic you believe most contributes to your success?
    • "Elvis is on the plate." Every time you do something it needs to be special, heartfelt, and important.
  2. What is your biggest weakness?
    • Patience
  3. What's one question you ask or thing you look for during an interview?
    • Cook and egg, cut an onion, sauté piece of fish.
  4. What's a current challenge? How are you dealing with it?
    • Business climate; moving forward. Make a profit while supplying a meaningful place for people to work.
  5. Share one code of conduct or behavior you teach your team.
    • welcome is the first word the guest hears when entering the restaurant
  6. What is one uncommon standard of service you teach your staff?
    • Making guests feel like family.
  7. What's one book we must read to become a better person or restaurant owner?
  8. What's the one thing you feel restaurateurs don't know well enough or do often enough?
    • Thank our staff.
  9. What's one piece of technology you've adopted within your four walls restaurant and how has it influence operations?
    • Have an IT person on staff!
  10. If you got the news that you'd be leaving this world tomorrow and all memories of you, your work, and your restaurants would be lost with your departure with the exception of 3 pieces of wisdom you could leave behind for the good of humanity, what would they be?
    • Lean in
    • Don't be afraid
    • Learn to lead the parade confident that people are following behind you without looking over your shoulder0-

Contact info:

Website: www.mulvaneysbl.com

Instagram: @mulvaneys_sacramento

Facebook: @MulvaneysBL

Twitter: @MulvaneysBL

Suicide prevention: igotyourback.info

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