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Nataki Garrett: Masters of the Stage, Regional Originals with M. Graham Smith

SDCF Masters of the Stage

Release Date: 04/24/2018

“Risk is here, so you’ve gotta move through it.” – Nataki Garrett, 2018.

Hosted by M. Graham Smith, we are delighted to bring you the twelfth episode of our podcast series – Masters of the StageRegional Originals with M. Graham Smith – a series of interviews with some of the most exciting Directors and Choreographers working in America’s regional theatres today.

Today M Graham Smith is with Nataki Garrett, Artistic Associate Director with Theatre Company at Denver Center for Performing Arts (DCPA) and -Artistic Director at Blank the Dog Productions.

Moving to New York City with just ‘$500 and a hole in her shoe’, Nataki has since established herself as a #director in many different regional communities and now in Denver. Nataki’s work looks to provide opportunities and platforms for silenced voices to be heard. Her whisper through the megaphone is that  “there is going to be a convergence of 'Black Lives Matter' the #MeToo movement, and Time’s Up" and that "the boards [of our regional theatres] have to be ready to listen to the next generation.”

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