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SUR: Trump called out by Tim, White Actors Giving up Jobs, Who was Cool Papa Bell?

Sheryl Underwood Radio

Release Date: 06/29/2020

4 men charged in attack on Jackson statue near White House.

 Facebook advertising boycott list continues to grow.

Tim Scott finally calls out Trump.

4 HBCU medical schools.

Bryson Tiller Earns HS Diploma, Says College is Next.

White voice actors giving up their jobs where they voice black characters.

Tyrone Spotlights A Taste Of Honey.

The Speed of Cool Papa Bell.

Bubba Watson Is ‘Wore The Hell Out’.

Lewis Hamilton Rips Former F1 CEO’s Comments On Racism.

Coach K Posts Video On Black Lives Matter.

Several K-State Players Threaten Not To Play Over Racist Post From Student.

SUR Reaches it's 500th Affiliate!