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SUR: Trump Impeached Again, Chris Rock Was Considered For Two iconic Shows, A-Rod Faces “Racketeering” Allegations

Sheryl Underwood Radio

Release Date: 01/14/2021

Stop the Steal’ Organizer in Hiding After Denying Blame for Riot.

Pelosi signs article of impeachment against Trump.

Tracy Chapman Gets Paid.

Tyler Perry's Have & the Have Nots Come to an End.

Chris Rock was considered for two iconic shows with no Black Characters.

Should Jaylen Waddle have played when he wasn’t 100%.

CIAA Hall of Fame announced.

Kyrie Irving Goes Maskless To BDay Party While On Leave.

Video Appears To Show Former US Olympic Gold Medalist At US Capitol Riot.

A-Rod Faces “Racketeering” Allegations In New.