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#1131: MM- The Importance of Vitamin B-12

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Release Date: 06/10/2019

Are you getting enough Vitamin B? This is Judy Gaman and this is your Stay Young Medical Minute.  There are eight different types of B vitamins that work together to help aid in different bodily functions.  For now, let’s focus on B-12.  Vitamin B-12 is responsible for neurological functions, DNA synthesis, fat and protein metabolism, and the creation of red blood cells.  When levels are low, people are at risk for unexplained weight loss, memory problems, depression, and extreme fatigue.  You can naturally boost B-12 levels by consuming beef, clams, salmon, and yogurt.  This vitamin is mostly found in animal products, which means vegetarians and vegans are at a higher risk for deficiency.  They can increase levels by consuming fortified cereals and nutritional yeast.  Talk to your doctor if you think you may be suffering from a B-12 deficiency.  This Stay Young Medical Minute is brought to you by Executive Medicine of Texas, a leader in preventative and proactive medicine. Learn why patients from around the globe trust Executive Medicine of Texas to their health. Visit EMTexas.com that’s EMTexas.com.

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