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The Artisan Soul: Canvas

Faith and Life Podcast

Release Date: 03/15/2020

To experience happiness, craft your life into a work of art within God’s boundaries.
Erwin McManus writes, “Every creative endeavor becomes a realization of both how limited and how unlimited we are...Every medium carries within itself inherent limitations, and every artist comes with limitations. True creativity is not the outflow of a world without boundaries. The creative act is the genius of unleashing untapped potential and unseen beauty within the constraints and boundaries of the medium from which we choose to create” (The Artisan Soul, pp.145-146)
The commandments of God are boundaries for our lives. Jesus taught that he did not come to abolish the commandments of God but to fulfill them. Jesus and the apostles fulfilled and deepened God’s Old Testament laws through their teachings and by embodying the law of love. The laws of God are boundaries within which we most flourish in life and experience authentic happiness in our relationships, accomplishments, and well-being.
Take Away: Memorize the 10 Commandments and then pick one to understand more deeply, beginning with Luther’s Small Catechism.