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Journalism, Money, and Giving Yourself Permission to Remake Yourself and Your Career with Toni Johnson

Talk Bravely

Release Date: 06/08/2020

Women in Politics - Running for Arkansas Senate show art Women in Politics - Running for Arkansas Senate

Talk Bravely

Ronetta Francis, candidate for Arkansas State Senate District 1, which is home to businesses such as Walmart joins our podcast.

Women in Politics - Running for City Council show art Women in Politics - Running for City Council

Talk Bravely

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Gayatri Agnew who is currently running for office seeking to be elected to City Council Ward 1 Seat 2 in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Gen Z Voting in 2020 show art Gen Z Voting in 2020

Talk Bravely

Sithara is a student and political organizer working to register college voters in Florida. As a UCLA senior planning to graduate next spring with a degree in biology, she's passionate about turning out the youth vote of her peers and making sure young people’s voices are heard.

Elections, Politics, and Life Lessons from a Failed Campaign show art Elections, Politics, and Life Lessons from a Failed Campaign

Talk Bravely

On this episode, I chat with movement building expert, and single mom by choice--Amber England. Amber has nearly two decades of experience navigating the political world in Oklahoma. Amber talks about having a career in politics, lessons learned from a failed campaign in 2016, how she thinks about compensation now that she’s a consultant and mom, and how listeners can get engaged starting today with our 2020 elections across the country.

Yoga, Small-business Pivots, and Getting Sober During Covid-19 show art Yoga, Small-business Pivots, and Getting Sober During Covid-19

Talk Bravely

Lynn Hancock, owner of Yoga Story in Bentonville, Arkansas, joins Talk Bravely to talk about owning a yoga studio, Covid, her mentors, and sobriety. Lynn has been a fitness professional for over a decade focusing on yoga, nutrition, and strength training. But she’s also a business superstar - she was able to flip her business and learn an entirely different skill set in order to stay afloat during a pandemic.

RVing, Camping, and Vacationing During Covid-19 show art RVing, Camping, and Vacationing During Covid-19

Talk Bravely

Tuck yourselves in for a podcast all about vacationing during Covid-19 by RV. I’m affectionately calling this episode - TAKE YOUR DAMN VACATION. On today’s episode, I’ll share our family history of RVing, my 3 key messages about traveling the states in a camper, answer some of the most frequently asked questions about travel by RV.

Real Estate Investing and the Financial Independence Movement show art Real Estate Investing and the Financial Independence Movement

Talk Bravely

Lawyer turned real estate investor Diya Liu joins Talk Bravely. Diya started out as a Big Law attorney but turned to real estate investing and went from $0 to $100k net rental income with vacation rentals in 13 months.

Anxiety, Coronavirus, and the Stress of Work show art Anxiety, Coronavirus, and the Stress of Work

Talk Bravely

Today we’re talking about all things related to Covid-19 and the office. If you’re just starting out in your career world and faced with anxiety around physically going back to an in-person work environment this summer, coming to the realization that you may NEVER work in a physical space again with co-workers and have anxiety over remote work, OR are an essential worker who is still looking for ways to keep anxiety about in-person working at bay, you’re in the right spot. 

Personal Finance 101: 5 Steps to Start on Your Path to Financial Independence show art Personal Finance 101: 5 Steps to Start on Your Path to Financial Independence

Talk Bravely

Personal finance coach, recovering small business owner, nature lover, and investment junkie Luisa Alberto shares her story and her 5 Steps to get started with Personal Finance. Luisa’s entrepreneurial pursuits have involved some very tough lessons. She gets into some real talk on personal finance, building a career starting from her passion, and how she dug out of debt.

Becoming a Professional Mountain Biker with 3-Time Cyclocross World Championship Team Member Crystal Anthony show art Becoming a Professional Mountain Biker with 3-Time Cyclocross World Championship Team Member Crystal Anthony

Talk Bravely

Professional mountain bike & cyclocross racer for Liv Racing, endurance sport coach, and foodie, Crystal Anthony joins Talk Bravely to share her journey in competitive athletics and competing at the World Championships. We talk all things racing, training, making the decision to leave a steady (and impactful job) and how she finds fulfillment in both racing and coaching others towards their goals.

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Actor, karate-school manager, Apple Genius (before there ever was such a thing), journalist, philanthropy executive, and potential future politician? Yep, Toni has lived each of these lives and is ready to talk about it!

Journalist and communications expert Toni Johnson is a former deputy editor and staff writer for the Emmy-winning website of the Council on Foreign Relations, she spent four years as a reporter for Congressional Quarterly where she covered a range of legislation. Her work has appeared in numerous major publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN.com, and more.

Toni is currently CEO and founder of Mission OutLoud. In her former role as head of knowledge and influence for the Heron Foundation, Toni led the foundation’s long-term public influence and engagement strategy. 

Basically, Toni is a huge politics and policy wonk - which are some of my favorite people.  She’s been awarded prestigious journalism fellowships and has a masters in international journalism from American University. I also happen to put her up as one of the thought leaders I follow on social media.

What we’re talking about:

This episode was recorded before the tragic murder of George Floyd and the protests that are ongoing as of the release date. It’s important to note this is why our conversation revolved around COVID-19 and not current events.

  • We discuss Toni’s early ambition to become a lawyer, yet surviving a school shooting at Simon’s Rock impacted her greatly and shifted her career trajectory.

  • Toni gave herself a 5 year plan to pursue acting in NYC instead of going to law school and during that time acted, managed a karate school, temp’ed for a nonprofit, became a certified apple technician, and then finally decided to pursue journalism.

  • How she believes her upbringing and Montessori education and then attending college at a young age at Simon’s Rock helped shape how she learns and approaches life.

  • Her story of becoming guardian to her siblings just before going to grad school for journalism, how she dealt with homelessness in DC the week before 9/11, and how American University believed in her so much they offered her more scholarship and access to a supporter who provided an apartment.

  • Her career trajectory working her way through DC’s elite political journalism organizations and how she chose a job when offered THREE jobs in one day.

  • She defines herself as a “policy journalist and not a politics journalist” during her time in DC.

  • Toni’s career life lessons for aspiring journalists (33:00):

    1. Journalists will have a long life. It’s okay to remake yourself.

    2. How people treat you at work is important. And we need to rely on our network to build us up so we don’t get caught up in toxic environments.

    3. There’s a tension between being a doer and a helper and what you need to do to further your own ambitions.

    4. “Being fearless and talking bravely is really the life lesson for everything.” (35:00)

  • Life lessons about money as a successful Black woman.

    1. Her period of severe poverty growing up and how that impacted her ambivalence to money right now.

    2. She sees money as a tool, and in the past has had a distrust of the markets. 

    3. The discomfort of making a lot of money working for a philanthropic foundation and questioning the impact of how she’s serving the poor.

    4. The philosophy that if she has enough money to splurge on cable, she’s going to be okay.

  • The idea that it’s never too late to get in to politics - and maybe how Toni thinks she’s a little more Bernie Sanders than Joe Biden - and might run for local office one day

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