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Episode 3, Conversation With Mel: What Women Want in Bed that They're afraid to say

Brooke Bergman

Release Date: 08/09/2019

In this special episode of the Broken Hearts Club, Brooke interviews Melanie Curtin, a sex researcher and writer currently based in Los Angeles. Melanie has over 5,000 data points from the various surveys she has included in her written articles.  And she stumbled upon a treasure: people were willing to share their deepest desires and truths with her because it was safe and completely anonymous--an internet confessional of sorts. According to her data, women report that only 10% of their lovers were skilled at pleasuring them. Guys, this isn't good. Luckily for you, being "good in bed" is not something you're born with--it's a skill that the courageous are willing to learn. Give this episode a listen to hear what women are wanting!