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The Outerview with Alan Swan

Episode 4 - David Lloyd

The Outerview with Alan Swan
Released on Dec 3, 2015

In this episode Alan chats to the author of 'How To Make Great Radio' David Lloyd. David Lloyd has spent a lifetime in radio and has worked with some of the UK's biggest names. An award-winning broadcaster, he was part of the first wave of commercial radio in the 1980s. He later joined the Radio Authority where he was given responsibility for overseeing compliance across the commercial radio industry; and he played a part in devising the framework for DAB in the UK. A Fellow of the Radio Academy, he has been MD and Programme Director of LBC, a programmer for Virgin Radio and a BBC manager and broadcaster. He is now Group Editorial Director at Orion Media. In this episode David explains how preparing too hard can sometimes mean you forget to engage in natural conversation. How listening back to your interviews is really important in improving your craft, while David tips a future broadcaster star in the making who already is an expert in the art of interviewing.