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Episode 17: 13 Year Old Pilot!!!

The Paramotor Podcast

Release Date: 06/24/2019

Episode 29: 4-Strokes and More! show art Episode 29: 4-Strokes and More!

The Paramotor Podcast

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Episode 28: Ozone Paragliders show art Episode 28: Ozone Paragliders

The Paramotor Podcast

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Episode 27: Dudek Paragliders show art Episode 27: Dudek Paragliders

The Paramotor Podcast

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Episode 26: Retrofitting Paramotors show art Episode 26: Retrofitting Paramotors

The Paramotor Podcast

Paramotors are fairly simple flying machines. Some like it that way, while others want to add a little flair (literally sometimes) to their paramotor or helmet. Ryan Roberts joins us to share how he's been filling the demand with the products he and his business partners have been designing at PPG Smoke.   Support The Paramotor Podcast by becoming a patron for as little as $1 a month. As a thank you for the support my patrons give me, I create exclusive tutorials on how I create paramotor content. Whether you are interested in photography, video production, or audio, I have a tutorial to...

Episode 25: AWESOME Episode 25: AWESOME "Reflex Technology" Discussion & Wing Design

The Paramotor Podcast

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Episode 24: Flying at Fourteen (In-depth Paramotor Wing Discussion) with Sebastián Lira show art Episode 24: Flying at Fourteen (In-depth Paramotor Wing Discussion) with Sebastián Lira

The Paramotor Podcast

Sebastián Lira was just 14 years old when he took to the sky with a paramotor strapped to his back. Now 15, he shares wisdom beyond his years on topics including: first wings to consider what to look for in a paramotor school/instructor progression in the sport and much more! There are many ways to support The Paramotor Podcast! You can share the episodes with your friends on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.  Please leave us a 5-Star review on your podcast app of choice! Order and Paramotor Podcast shirt or hoodie () and like us on our Facebook page at The ultimate...

Episode 23: Love at First Flight! show art Episode 23: Love at First Flight!

The Paramotor Podcast

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Episode 22: Full Send with Andrew Fuller! show art Episode 22: Full Send with Andrew Fuller!

The Paramotor Podcast

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Episode 21: GRAVITY show art Episode 21: GRAVITY

The Paramotor Podcast

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Episode 20: Blackhawk Paramotor show art Episode 20: Blackhawk Paramotor

The Paramotor Podcast

A one on one conversation with the owner of BLACKHAWK.  Tune in, enjoy, and fly safe.     Enjoying this show? Perhaps you’ll like my videos. If you do, you can support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel:   Huge thank you to my newest Patrons: Jonathan Weaver, an aviation enuthusiast living in Texas! Alejandro Diaz, an active paramotor pilot from Puerto Rico! Dustin Brace, from Pennsylvania, will be joining us in the sky very soon.  Thank you all again for your support.    If you have the means to support, you can do so by joining . You can pledge a...

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DESCRIPTION: Damon Martin is a 13 year old from Wisconsin who has recently learned how to fly paramotors with the help of family of seasoned paramotorists!

LINK'S from topics discussed in this episode:

High Five PPG's Website

Ethan Martin's YouTube Channel

Video of Damon Martin's first flight!

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