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TPGC - Episode #4A - Snack Brackets 2013 - Potato Chip Flavors - NOT ABOUT GAMES

The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast

Release Date: 03/02/2013

For this special episode the Party Game Cast is not talking about party games OR games you take to parties.  We believe that food at a party is NEARLY as important as the games, so for this one off we have put 12 potato flavors in a bracket tournament to crown a winner of Snack Brackets 2013.  

As a warning, we think this is a really fun listen, but IT IS NOT ABOUT GAMES at all.  If this is an issue (we understand) and Episode #5 will be about Taboo and Time's Up, so don't worry, this is not a new direction for the show, this is just something we wanted to have some fun with, and share with all of you.  

ENJOY, and in my best Juila Child.....Bon Appetit!