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TPGC - Episode #6A - Andy Looney talks about Fluxx: The Board Game and Looney Pyramids

The Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast

Release Date: 04/04/2013

In Episode #6A of the Party Gamecast featuring the Party Game Cast, the cast leaves the confines of the studio to visit the fine folks of Looney Labs at the Looney Labs Tabletop Day event.  In this episode Bruce is not only joined by Erika, Mike, Chris and Maureen, but also by the Co-Creator of Fluxx and the Co-Founder of Looney Labs Andy Looney.  

Andy talks to the Game Cast about the soon to be released (July 2013) Fluxx:The Board Game, the eventual release of a Looney Labs party game, Looney Pyramids and all the great things they can do, as well as, a few different versions of Fluxx, including a mention of exactly which theme will be next for Fluxx.

We would like to thank the great folks at Looney Labs for being so nice to us and allowing us to be a part of their Tabletop Day.

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