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The Maestro of Tacos and Tequila - Guest David Tyda

The Craft Podcast

Release Date: 09/27/2023

The Craft - Art of Relationships, Business, and Cocktails celebrates its 50th episode with special guest David Tyda. 

Drew Grunwald stepped in to host the show for Robert Van Arlen.  Drew is joined by David Tyda founder of Taco Fest, and Phoenix food festivals like French Fry, Pizza and more. Tyda is also the owner of Barcoa (recently named one of the best tequila lounges in the country). 

David has been throwing food festivals since 2010, most notably the Arizona Taco Festival. This event grew to nearly 40k attendees. After splitting with the co-founder, he opened BARCOA, an agave spirits bar in downtown Phoenix. More than “just a bar,” BARCOA is a community space, built for private events, agave tastings & education, and art - they’re connected to XICO, a Latinx & Indigenous art gallery. On the event side, the 8th Annual Phoenix Pizza Festival is coming up in November at Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix.  Check out this episode to find out how he got started and how his business evolved to where it is now.  If you like food festivals, events and tequlia, this episode is for you!