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#137 - The Art of Surrender, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, and Living a Life of Faith with Christian Sinclair

Sexy Soul Radio

Release Date: 08/30/2018

Join me and Christian Sinclair, spiritual teacher and minister, for a DEEP interview about how to integrate spirituality, faith and surrender into your business and life in order to feel more CONNECTION and welcome in ABUNDANCE (without forcing it).
Here’s what we dive into:
- How to create a PERSONALIZED relationship with spirituality that works for your lifestyle and belief system
- The art of ALLOWING and SURRENDERING;  how to know whether we are FORCING something or following the PULL of Spirit
- Why giving her work up to God was the KEY to unlocking huge success in her business (and growing her email list like crazy)
- How to recognize LACK mentality and shift it back to spirituality and why it goes AGAINST spirituality
-Why holding spiritual integrity is the key to long-lasting happiness and success in life
Whether you are a devoted spirit junkie or new to the game, this interview will give you the mindset shifts and strategies to implement deeper spiritual foundations in your life and business that work for you.
Head HERE to learn more about Christian and how you can RECLAIM your divine inheritance.
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