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#138 - The New Paradigm for Growth & Evolution

Sexy Soul Radio

Release Date: 09/04/2018

In this solocast, I am sharing some insight on the KEYS to unlocking the codes for the new paradigm of growth and evolution.

Here’s what I’m exploring:

-Why old models of personal development and transformation have kept us stuck (and the new solution)

-How to navigate CHAOS as a tool for RAPID growth

-How to avoid DETOURING from your real purpose and stay in constant communication with your intuition

-How to avoid the feelings of EMPTINESS that come with financial abundance (yaaaa...that happens)

-A potent practice to ALCHEMIZE feelings of discomfort during your growth journey

-Your energetic signature: what it is and how it is either REPELLING or MAGNETIZING success in your biz

-Why self-mastery is essential for light leadership and how to embody it  (hint: it is NOT a one-time deal)


This episode will shatter old concepts of personal development and spiritual growth while awakening the new limitless paradigm of personal transformation to bring you to greater levels of fulfillment, alignment, and self-mastery.

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